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Which is the oldest Motorcycle Club in Pennsylvania?

Which is the oldest Motorcycle Club in Pennsylvania?

The Blue Comet Motorcycle Club is a family oriented group of avid motorcyclists and enthusiasts. We are one of the oldest continuously operated AMA sanctioned motorcycle clubs in the country, locatedon the outskirts ofhistoric Skippack Village, in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. Our membership… (what is this?) 13.

Where are the Iron Wings Motorcycle Club located?

The Iron Wings Motorcycle Club are believed to have had up to as many of three chapters at one point, all based in Pennsylvania. There are no famous members in Iron Wings MC, at least in a celebrity sense.

Which is the best motorcycle ride in Pennsylvania?

Route 30 from Chambersburg to Breezewood is a challenging ride, but the view of the valleys are worth it. Once you get to the top of the two main summits on this stretch, pull over at the Mountain House Bar and Grill and look down. You’ll feel like the ruler of the world.

What’s the mission of the Guardian Knights motorcycle club?

The mission of the Guardian Knights Motorcycle Club, inc. is to foster a spirit of camaraderie among members of the law enforcement community through a common interest in motorcycling, provide a safe environment to fellowship with our brothers and sisters in blue, promote safety and education… (what is this?) 5. Star of David Bikers

Where are the outlaw motorcycle clubs in Canada?

Group of motorcycles located on the Northern Crown of Montreal, in the Laurentians. This club is sponsored directly by the chapter TR of the Hell’s Angels Worldwide membership, estimated 2,400 members in 210 chapters, in 22 countries. The FBI and the Criminal Intelligence Service Canada have named the Bandidos an “outlaw motorcycle gang”.

Is there such thing as a motorcycle club?

Even though they all ride motorcycles, the real definition of a given club depends on the reasons behind its establishment. While some are based on the culture and traditions of the people of the area from where the club originates, others may be found on the brands of the bikes they ride.

Are there motorcycle clubs called Road Runners in the US?

In Germany, Switzerland and the US, there are more motorcycle clubs called Road Runners MC, but these are unrelated to the Polish club. In addition to Alabama, they also claim members in Georgia, Mississippi, Florida, Indiana and Texas.