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Which hotel group is Langham?

Which hotel group is Langham?

Langham Hospitality Group
Langham Hotels International Limited, trading as Langham Hospitality Group, is a hotel operator with its headquarters in Hong Kong. The oldest hotel in its portfolio, The Langham, London, originally opened in 1865 as Europe’s first ‘Grand Hotel’….Langham Hospitality Group.

Trade name Langham Hospitality Group

Who has stayed at the Langham?

The Langham continued throughout the 20th century to be a favoured spot with members of the royal family, such as Diana, Princess of Wales, and politicians including Winston Churchill and Charles de Gaulle.

When did the Langham Hotel in London open?

The Langham London offers rooms with private bathrooms, air conditioning and a flat-screen TV. The renowned London hotel, with its distinctive charm and character, opened in 1865 as Europes first grand hotel, and it has accommodated royalty, foreign dignitaries and celebrities in luxury for over 150 years.

Where are the haunted rooms in the Langham Hotel?

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What was the Langham Hotel used for during World War 2?

During World War II, the hotel was used in part by the British Army until it was damaged by bombs and forced to close. After the war, it was occupied by the BBC as ancillary accommodation to Broadcasting House, and the corporation purchased it outright in 1965.

Who was BBC employee who stayed at Langham Hotel?

One BBC employee who stayed at the Langham was Guy Burgess, one of the ‘Cambridge Five’, a spying ring that supplied official secrets to the Soviets during the Cold War. A BBC internal memo reveals that upon being unable to access his room in the hotel late one night, Burgess attempted to break down the door with a fire extinguisher.