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Which country has many languages?

Which country has many languages?

Papua New Guinea has the most languages, with 852 living languages. Indonesia comes in second, with 722 living languages. Third place goes to Nigeria, having 531 living languages.

How many languages are spoken in Africa?

2,000 languages
There are an estimated 2,000 languages spoken in Africa.

Which African countries speak what language?

List of official, national and spoken languages of Africa.

Country Official and national Languages
Cameroon English, French
Cape Verde Portuguese
Central African Republic French, Sangho (lingua franca and national language)
Chad French, Arabic

How many countries and languages are there in Africa?

Because of its size, Africa and its 54 countries are incredibly diverse – linguists estimate that nearly 2,000 native languages are spoken in Africa, along with more global languages like English and French.

What are the most common languages in Africa?

The Most Commonly Spoken Languages. Arabic. Arabic is a Semitic language spoken by 150 million people in Africa, making it the most widely spoken language on the continent.

What languages are spoken in which African nations?

The most common languages spoken in Africa are English, Arabic, French, Swahili and Portuguese. Of these, Swahili is the only African language.

There are an estimated 2,000 languages spoken on the continent of Africa. Africa is one of the world’s most linguistically diverse continents. Africa is the second largest continent in the world both by population and land area.

What is the largest language in Africa?

With concentration mostly in Northern Africa , Arabic is spoken by more than 160 million Africans. This makes it the biggest and most spoken language on the continent of Africa.