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Which badminton racket has the highest tension?

Which badminton racket has the highest tension?

Li-Ning US Series Ultra Strong High-Tension Graphite Badminton Racquet.

What tension should a badminton racket be?

Badminton Racket Strings Guide

Player Level String Tension Control & Feel
Beginner Low (16-22lbs) Low
Intermediate Medium (23-26lbs) Medium
Professional High (27lbs+) High

Is 30 lbs tension badminton racket?

YONEX 0.5 DG SLIM(MAX TENSION: 35 lbs) Multicolor Strung Badminto……

Type Badminton Racquet
Flexibility Medium-flex
Balance Even Balance
Cover Full Cover
String Tension 30 LBS

What is the tension of muscle power 29?

Muscle Power 29 Specification:

Product name Muscle Power 29 Light or MP 29 Light
Racket series Muscle Power
Frame material High Modulus Graphite
Shaft material Titanium Mesh/ Full Carbon Graphite
Recommended String Tension 19-24 lbs, 8.5-10.5kg

What string tension Do pros use badminton?

Beginner : 17lbs-20lbs. Intermediate: 20lbs-24lbs. Advanced: 24lbs-27lbs. Professional/International: 27lbs – 30lbs+

What is gut in badminton?

Gutting is just a Badminton term for restringing your racquet. Often used when buying a new racquet, the seller might ask if you want it “gutted” which means to take the strings out and replace them with your own choice. So it’s just a term for restringing your racquet.

What is badminton string tension?

String tension refers to how tight the racket string is tied to the racket, and it’s measured in pounds (lbs) normally. The tighter you tie your string, the less bouncy your string becomes, which means less repulsion power will be generated from the string bed.