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Which are four agro based industries?

Which are four agro based industries?

A survey of various agro- based industries is given below.

  • Textile Industry: The textile industry plays predominant presence in the Indian economy.
  • Sugar Industry:
  • Vegetable Oil Industry:
  • Tea Industry:
  • Coffee Industry:
  • Leather Goods Industry:

What are the agro base industries?

Agro-Based Industries And Raw Materials Used In Each Industry

  • Oil mill >> Oil seeds.
  • Soap industry >> Oil seed/oil.
  • Cigarette/tobacco >> Tobacco leaves.
  • Textile/Ginnery >> Cotton.
  • Breweries >> Cereals.
  • Fruit canning >> Fruits.
  • Paper industry >> Pulpwood.
  • Sugar industry >> Sugarcane.

What are the examples of agro based?

Industries that have agricultural produce as raw materials are known as Agro-based Industries. These are consumer-based industries. Cotton, jute, silk, woollen textiles, sugar and edible oil, etc. industry are based on agricultural raw materials.

How many types of agro based industries are there?

Agro-based industry can be classified of two types. These are Agro-produce Processing units and Agro-produce Manufacturing units. Agro-Produce Processing Units: These industrial units simply process the agriculture produce.

Which is the best example of agro based industry?

Agro-based industries use agricultural products as raw materials. Two examples of agro- based industries are cotton textile industry and jute industry.

Which industry is known as agro based and why?

The cotton textile industry is known as an agro based industry because it uses raw materials produced by the agricultural sector.

What are the benefits of agro based industries?

Agro- based industries facilitate for optimization of resource use, output management, enhance farmer income, widening of market, value addition to national income and employment creation.

Is an agro based raw material?

Agro based industries use plant and animal based products as their raw materials. Food processing, vegetable oil, cotton textile, dairy products and leather industries are examples of agro-based industries. Mineral based industries are primary industries that use mineral ores as their raw materials.

What is agro based Class 10?

Agro- based industries are those industries which use agricultural products as raw materials. For example, cotton textiles and jute industries are agro based industries.

Why agro based industry is important?

All branches of agro based industry are very important because they increase industrial products, provide employment, earn foreign exchange, increase income level and also provide employment to women and provide base for development for backward areas.

What is difference between agro based and mineral based industry?

Agro-based industries use plant and animal-based products as their raw materials. Mineral-based industries are primary industries that use mineral ores as their raw materials. It is a source of employment for people in rural areas. It is a source of employment for both rural and urban populations.

What kind of industries are there in Nigeria?

As one of the most prominent industries in Nigeria, this sector deals with all sorts of things that concern coal, petroleum, gas and oil. This means that the companies deal with extraction, refinement, distribution and marketing of the oil and gas products and by-products.

Why are agro based industries important in Nigeria?

Here’s a short list of functions agricultural industries perform for the sake of the entire country’s economy: READ ALSO: 6 million jobs were created as a result of increase in production of local rice – Minister Agro based industries in Nigeria provide raw materials for consumer goods.

What are the different types of agro based industries?

Types of agro based industries. Agro based industry are categorized depending on the type of raw materials associated with them. They are as follows: Beverage production: coffee, tea, cocoa. Soap production: oil seeds or crude oils. Feed mill: grains and crops. Tyre production: natural latex. Sugar production: sugar cane.

Which is the most important cash crop in Nigeria?

1. Cotton Cotton is one of the most important cash crops in Nigeria. It’s used to produce fabrics of different types, cotton balls for health and beauty care, etc. Cotton seeds when crushed can be used to produce cotton seed oil, which is used in cooking, cosmetics, medications, and other everyday goods.