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Which activities are associated with agriculture diversification?

Which activities are associated with agriculture diversification?

Agriculture Diversification refers to either a change in cropping pattern or the farmers opting for other non-farming options like poultry farming, animal husbandry, etc. This practice allows farmers to expand the production, which helps generate a higher level of income.

What are allied activities in agriculture?

The important sectors consider include Agriculture, Horticulture, Animal husbandry, Fishery, Soil and water conservation, Poultry, dairy farming, Agriculture Marketing, Milk-fed financial institute and Social forestry.

What are the benefits of diversification of agricultural activities?

Conclusively, major advantages of crop diversification include income increases of small farm holdings; less risk for price fluctuation, climatic variability etc.; balancing food demand; increasing the production of quality fodder for livestock animals; beneficial for conserving natural resources; minimize …

What are the three forms of agricultural diversification?

Agricultural diversification can occur in many forms (e.g., genetic variety, species, structural) and can be created temporally and over different spatially scales (e.g., within crop, within field, and landscape level).

What are the two aspects of diversification of agriculture?

Diversification of crops includes two aspects – (i) one relates to diversification of crops production, and (ii) the other relates to a shift of workers from agriculture to other allied activities (live-stock, poultry, fisheries, etc.) and non-agriculture sectors.

What are the two important aspects of diversification of agricultural activity?

There are two ways to achieve diversification. The first aspect refers to changing the cropping patterns which further means a change in the proportion of areas dedicated to the cultivation of various crops. The second aspect focuses on the shift of workforce to other related activities (poultry, husbandry etc.)

What do you mean by allied agriculture?

The sector that depends on the agricultural activity in various ways and which affects the outcome of the agricultural sector is referred to as allied sector. The sector which deals with the crops production and livestock of natural resources is the agricultural department.

What do you mean by diversification of agriculture?

In the agricultural context, diversification can be regarded as the re-allocation of some of a farm’s productive resources, such as land, capital, farm equipment and labour to other products and, particularly in richer countries, to non-farming activities such as restaurants and shops.

What is the need for agricultural diversification?

It is recognized that agricultural diversification helps achieve food security and improved human nutrition and increased rural employment; it can also impact favourably on soil fertility and pest incidence.

What are the two aspects of diversification?

Two aspects of Diversification

  • The change in the cropping pattern.
  • The transformation of the manpower from agricultural work to other associated activities like poultry, livestock, fisheries, etc., and also of the non-agriculture sector.

Which is an example of an agricultural diversification?

In this kind of Diversification, farmers take a further step and invest in activities like horticulture, agro-forestry, livestock rearing, culture of aromatic plants, etc. Introduction of multiple or mixed cropping systems.

What are the benefits of agricultural diversification in India?

By every mean, Diversification in agricultural activities proves to be extremely beneficial for small farmers to increase their incomes. Reasons for Agricultural Diversification The demand for high-value crops is increasing in India, and this paves the way for farmers to experiment with several cropping combinations.

Why is diversification important for a rural economy?

The transformation of the manpower from agricultural work to other associated activities like poultry, livestock, fisheries, etc., and also of the non-agriculture sector For rural people, diversification, or focusing on associate activity, is important because it gives them an opportunity to earn extra income and overcome poverty.

How to do 100 agricultural activities in school?

Tape a large piece of paper in the front of the room. Students will look through magazines and newspapers to find people or items related to agriculture. As a class, find 100 items in all. Have students keep a class tally on the board of how many items they add.