Where is the red shard in Oras?

Where is the red shard in Oras?

1 Answer

  • Blue Shard — Route 124, Route 126, Route 129, Mirage Mountain.
  • Red Shard — Route 124, Route 127, Mirage Cave, Mirage Mountain.
  • Yellow Shard —Route 126, Mirage Cave, Mirage Mountain.
  • Green Shard — Route 124, Route 126, Route 130, Mirage Forest.

Where can I find red shards?


Games Finite methods
B2W2 Routes 4, 13, and 22, Desert Resort, Nimbasa City, Relic Passage, Mistralton CaveW2, Reversal MountainW2, Victory Road, Twist Mountain, Dragonspiral Tower, Clay Tunnel
ORAS Routes 124 and 127 (underwater), Mirage Mountain (northeast of Route 125)

How do you get shards in Pokemon Fire Red?

How To Obtain

  1. Red Shards: Underwater, held by wild Corsola.
  2. Blue Shards: Underwater, held by wild Clamperl.
  3. Green Shards: Underwater, held by wild Relicanth.
  4. Yellow Shards: Underwater, held by wild Chinchou.

What do I do with the shards in Emerald?

Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald In Generation III, shards can be traded to the Treasure Hunter living on Route 124 individually for Evolution stones. In Hoenn, these items are found quite often underwater, many times held by certain species.

How do you fish red shards in Pixelmon?

These shards can be acquired from fishing with either the Old, Good, or Super rod. Once the ten shards are obtained, they can be right clicked on the top of a block to begin piecing the orb together. Once ten shards are right clicked onto the block, the orb will form and glow.

How do I get heirloom shards?

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Open the “Store” tab on the top.
  2. Select “Heirlooms” on the second level of tabs.
  3. The game displays your currently available heirloom shards (you need 150 shards per item).
  4. You can see the models of all melee heirloom weapons available for purchase with heirloom shards.

Where can I get red shards in Pokemon Emerald?


  • Use dive.
  • There are some underwater between Sootopolis and Mossdeep.
  • DIVE in underwater near at sootopolis.
  • Besides finding them underwater, you can steal them by using the moves Thief or Covet on Corsola.
  • You can find red shards around the underwater area of Sootopolis and Mossdeep.
  • Just dive everywhere.

What is a blue shard in Pokemon?

The Blue Shard (Japanese: あおいかけら Blue Shard) is a type of item introduced in Generation III. It is one of the Shards.

How do you farm shards in Pokemon Black 2?

User Info: Lexifox. The Relic Passage, the cave just to the southwest of the PWT, is where you want to go. Bring (Super) Repels. Alternatively, you can just enter the PWT, throw the first fight, and then you get a random shard every time.

Where can I get red shards in Pokémon Emerald?

How many shards do you need for ice punch?

You need eight shards (the number of each depends on the move you want) and a Poke that is actually capable of learning a move. Shards are those little squares that you dig up in the underground.