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Where is the lowest fuel price?

Where is the lowest fuel price?

Venezuela is the world’s cheapest country to buy petrol, where amazingly it costs just 2 pence (GBP) a litre. This is because it’s home to some of the biggest oil reserves in the world.

What was the lowest gas price in 2020?

$2.17 per gallon
U.S. average gasoline prices and vehicle travel fell to multiyear lows in 2020. U.S. regular retail gasoline prices averaged $2.17 per gallon (gal) in 2020, 44 cents/gal (17%) lower than in 2019 and the lowest annual average since 2016.

How much is fuel at Costco?

Today’s fuel prices at Costco Casula Sydney: E10 134.7. U98 147.7. P Diesel 132.7.

Where is gas the most expensive?

Most expensive gas prices Starting at $4.28, California has the most expensive gas in the country. Hawaii is the second most expensive with $4.01.

Which US state has the lowest gasoline prices?

The five cheapest states to get gas, as of January 6, 2020, are Mississippi, Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri . Here are the cheapest states to get gas, ranked in order of lowest average price for regular gas to highest.

Who has the cheapest gas?

Venezuela has the world’s cheapest gas, sold at government filling stations for five cents a gallon. But with the government facing runaway inflation and a squeeze on its cash reserves, President Nicolas Maduro is considering the first price hike in nearly two decades.

What is the cheapest gas in the US?

Gas prices. NEW YORK — There’s a gas station in Ohio pumping gas for $1.21 a gallon. That is the cheapest gas in America, according to data collected from customers by

Which state has the best gas prices?

While the national average price for regular gasoline has been creeping up, some regions fare much better than others: The lowest average gas prices can be found in the South, with Mississippi, Arkansas, Alabama, South Carolina and Missouri boasting the cheapest prices, according to WalletHub .