Where is Lillian Dube born?

Where is Lillian Dube born?

South Africa
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Is Lillian Dube a medical doctor?

Veteran actress Lillian Dube received an honorary degree from The Tshwane University of Technology for Drama and Film production. Dr Dube is being honoured for her success and contribution to the entertainment industry in the past three decades.

Does Lillian Dube have cancer?

Personal life. In 2007, Dube was diagnosed with breast cancer and has been in remission as of 2008. The cancer returned again in 2015.

Who is Lilian dubes son?

celebrity Desmond Dube
South African celebrity Desmond Dube was born on 25 January 1969 and he is the son of well-known actress Lillian Dube.

Who is Desmond Dube’s wife?

Tlotliso Matsela
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Is Lillian Dube Desmond Dube’s biological mother?

For a long time, people have been confusing him to be the son of Lilian Dube. Maybe because the duo has been working closely for a long time now. However, the actor recently revealed that she is not her birth mother, but her mentor. Actually, Mam’ Lilian is Desmond’s role model.

Did Lillian Dube adopt Desmond Dube?

So many of you thought Lillian Dube and Desmond were actually mother and son. However, Lillian Dube and Desmond Dube have known each other for the longest of time, so much so that Mam’ Lillian even delivered a speech alongside Desmond’s real mom at his wedding sixteen years ago.

Who is Desmond Dube dating?

Is Desmond Dube married? Well, Dooby is a family man. He is married to a beautiful woman known as Tlotliso Matsela.

Where did Desmond Dube born?

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Is Desmond Dube the owner of clientele?

Some believe he is an infomercial giant who owns Clientele, but the truth is that at his core Desmond Dube is a performer par excellence. We meet at Constitution Hill over white toast and beans.

How old is Lillian Dube from my Perfect Family?

Lillian Dube is 75 years old as of 2020. She is the mother of Desmond Dube who is also an Actor and South African celebrity. Lillian had a starring role as Koko K in the SABC1 sitcom My Perfect Family, in 2011.

What was the net worth of Lillian Dube?

Lillian portrayed the role of Mme Motsatse in the short film The Ring. She also played the role of Masibobe on the SABC1 soapie Generations. SHe has an estimated net worth of $200,000 which she has earned as an actress.

How old is the mother of Desmond Dube?

She was born on the 22nd of October 1945. Lillian Dube is 75 years old as of 2020. She is the mother of Desmond Dube who is also an Actor and South African celebrity.

How is Desmond Dube similar to Lilian Dube?

The only thing that differs is the months they were born. Both are lovable and vibrant entertainers. As mentioned earlier, there little information about his family. Due to his close resemblance with Lilian Dube, most people believe that he is Lillian Dube biological son. The truth is that he is not Lillian Dube son.