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Where is foluke akinradewo from?

Where is foluke akinradewo from?

London, Canada
Foluke Akinradewo/Place of birth

How old is foluke akinradewo?

33 years (5 October 1987)
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What college did foluke akinradewo go to?

Stanford University
Foluke Akinradewo/College

How tall is foluke akinradewo?

1.91 m
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Why does foluke akinradewo wear glasses?

He is wearing protective glasses due to an eye injury suffered prior to the Olympics. Due to the sensitivity of the cornea to injury, protecting the eye from stray fingernails while playing basketball is of utmost importance.

Why do volleyball players wear glasses?

The force of a volleyball smacking against the globe of the eye is enough to cause a retinal detachment or major globe injury. Beach volleyball has the added element of outdoor sun exposure, so glasses are both protective for eye injuries and UV radiation for these athletes.

Where did Foluke Akinradewo play college volleyball?

She played college women’s volleyball at Stanford University. She was named Pac-10 Player of the Year in 2007 and 2008. Akinradewo was born in London, Ontario, to Ayoola and Comfort Akinradewo.

Who is the American women’s national volleyball player?

Foluke Atinuke Akinradewo (born October 5, 1987) is a Canadian-Nigerian-American indoor volleyball player, a member of the United States women’s national volleyball team and Japanese club Hisamitsu Springs, a participant of the Olympic Games ( 2012, 2016 ), bronze medalist of the 2016 Olympic Games, 2015 World Cup,…

What did Foluke Akinradewo do in the Olympics?

Akinradewo was part of the US bronze medal winning team at the 2016 Olympics. She started all eight games. She was named in the 2016 Olympic Games Dream Team at middle blocker. ^ FIVB. “USA claim third FIVB World Grand Prix title with perfect record”.

Where was Foluke Akinradewo born and raised?

Akinradewo was born in London, Ontario, to Ayoola and Comfort Akinradewo.