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Where does the money go for the UNICEF Tap Project?

Where does the money go for the UNICEF Tap Project?

The funds would go towards providing impoverished children with clean drinking water; with $1, UNICEF can provide a child with access to clean, safe water for 40 days. That first year the campaign was only on World Water Day, since then it has centered on World Water Week.

Who is Bethany Mota and what is the UNICEF Tap Project?

YouTube sensation and UNICEF Supporter Bethany Mota was one of many to lend her star power to the UNICEF Tap Project, helping to amplify UNICEF’s message about the world water crisis across YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. YouTube star and UNICEF Supporter Bethany Mota joined the UNICEF Tap Project in 2015.

Where does the money from the Tap Project go?

Destination of funds. The UNICEF Tap Project funds raised throughout the campaign go towards different UNICEF programs that include water, hygiene and sanitation programs. Money raised through the Tap Project has helped children, to have access to clean water, in countries like Belize, Guatemala, the Central African Republic, Ivory Coast, Haiti,…

Where did the UNICEF water project take place?

A young boy in Uttar Pradesh, India sips from a bowl of clean water as part of a UNICEF-sponsored, school-based project in 2011 to increase children’s access to healthcare, safe water, good sanitation and proper hygiene. The current conflict has exacted a heavy toll on children in Yemen, destroying water pumps throughout the country.

Where does UNICEF provide clean water to children?

Despite constant shelling, UNICEF has managed to provide clean water to 604,360, including these children in Sanaía. Aranna, 9, used to walk an hour a day to fetch water in Tete Province, Mozambique. A UNICEF-built borehole has given her more time for school.