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Where do you fly into to go to Harbor Island?

Where do you fly into to go to Harbor Island?

North Eleuthera airport
Your Dunmore getaway begins the moment you land at North Eleuthera airport (ELH), just over an hour’s flight from Miami. Carriers offering direct service to ELH include American Airlines from Miami, Delta Airlines from Atlanta, and Silver Airways from Fort Lauderdale.

How do I get from Eleuthera to Harbor Island?

GETTING THERE The only way to get to Harbour Island is by boat. Water Taxi is the way of choice and is just a short ride from the North Eleuthera airport. . Taxis are about $5 and leave every 5 minutes or so for a short boat ride to your destination.

How do you fly to Harbor Island?

Getting There There is no direct route to Harbour Island. From the United States fly into Nassau, Fort Lauderdale or Miami and take a connecting flight to North Eleuthera (ELH) airport on Eleuthera. From there, take a taxi to the dock and a water taxi to Harbour Island.

How do I get from North Eleuthera Airport to Harbour Island?

From North Eleuthera airport you take a 5 minute taxi ride to 3 Island Dock, from there take a 5 minute water taxi to Harbour Island’s Government Dock, and then another 5 minute taxi ride to Coral Sands. Each stage costs $5.00 per person. Transport is readily available.

Is Harbour Island expensive?

Harbour Island is not an inexpensive place to visit and most of the restaurants tend to be on the expensive side (main courses for dinner are often priced as high as $48), but the food is almost always excellent.

Can you drive from Eleuthera to Harbor Island?

There is no direct connection from Eleuthera to Harbour Island. However, you can take the taxi to Current, take the car ferry to Nassau, then take the car ferry to Harbour Island. Alternatively, you can take a car ferry from Freetown to Dunmore Town via Rock Sound and Nassau in around 13h 5m.

Is Harbour island expensive?

Can you drink the water in Eleuthera?

Water: Fresh water is scarce and expensive on Eleuthera, so take this into consideration and be very conservative while showering, washing dishes, etc. Some of the locals use this water for cooking, ice and a few even drink it, but it is not recommended for foreigners.

Is Harbour Island Bahamas safe?

As with all Bahamas, Harbor Island is not entirely safe. However, this remote island is safer than the Grand Bahama. The main crimes here are petty and major thefts, attacks on tourists, fraud, and pickpockets.

How safe is Harbor Island Bahamas?

Don’t worry about safety on Harbour Island, there is virtually no crime and just the rare occurrence of theft. There is a police station on the island with 1 to 3 officers on duty at all times but you will rarely ever see them.

How long is ferry from Eleuthera to Harbour Island?

around 2 hours 40 minutes
The Nassau Harbour Island ferry route connects New Providence with Eleuthera. Currently there is just the 1 ferry company operating this ferry service, Bahamas Ferries. The crossing operates up to 4 times each week with sailing durations from around 2 hours 40 minutes.

Why is the sand pink in Eleuthera?

The almost indescribable pale pink color of the sand comes from microscopic coral insects, known as Foraminifera, which have a bright pink or red shell full of holes through which it extends pseudopodia, footings that it uses to attach itself and feed.

How to get to Harbour Island from Eleuthera?

Once on Eleuthera, it is quick and easy to get to Harbour Island. A 10 minute cab ride from the airport to the boat dock is $5 per person ($10 if just one person), followed by a five to ten minute “water taxi” ride, $5 per person. Land and water taxis are always available during the day. Water taxis are available up to 9pm.

Which is the closest airport to Eleuthera Island?

North Eleuthera International Airport serves the northernmost part of the island, as well as the neighboring Harbour Island and Spanish Wells, with domestic and international flights. Located in South Eleuthera, the Rock Sound Airport welcomes domestic and international travellers, as an official Port of Entry.

How to get to Harbour Island in the Bahamas?

Flights from Ft. Lauderdale Executive Airport to North Eleuthera airport (ELH) and Governor’s Harbour airport (GHB). Southern Air Charters – Bahamas: 242-323-7217 or 242-323-6833. Flights from Nassau (NAS) to North Eleuthera airport (ELH), Governor’s Harbour airport (GHB) and Rock Sound airport (RSD).

Is there a water taxi to Harbour Island?

Enjoy a five-minute water taxi ride to Harbour Island, where you’ll be welcomed by friendly taxi drivers who greet Dunmore guests. We also provide assisted transfers which include a “meet and greet” by a Dunmore staff member at the airport to assist with the transfer to The Dunmore ($95 per couple one way).