Where do St Andrews Cross spiders live?

Where do St Andrews Cross spiders live?

Andrew’s Cross Spider. The St. Andrews Cross Spider (Argiope keyserlingi) is a common species of orb-web spider found on the east coast of Australia, from central New South Wales to southern Queensland.

Is St Andrews Cross Spider rare?

Where are St Andrew’s Cross Spiders found? St Andrew’s Cross Spiders are common across the east coast of Australia and can be found from central NSW all the way to southern Queensland.

Do St Andrew’s Cross spiders bite?

Venom toxicity – the bite of the St Andrews Cross is of low risk (non-toxic) to humans. They are a non-aggressive group of spiders. Habitat – this spider is a web-weaver usually found in summer in garden areas around the home.

Where does the St.Andrew’s cross spider live?

Russell McLendon is a science journalist who covers a wide range of topics about the natural environment, humans, and other wildlife. A female St. Andrews cross spider with a large X in her web. The St. Andrew’s cross spider is a large orb-weaver spider found across much of eastern Australia.

What kind of spider has an X in its web?

Argiope bruennichi is commonly known as the wasp spider. In Australia, Argiope keyserlingi and Argiope aetherea are known as St Andrew’s cross spiders, for their habit of resting in the web with paired legs outstretched in the shape of an X, the cross of St. Andrew.

What kind of spider has three arms and a cross?

However, the variability of the shape of the cross decoration (a complete cross; a partial cross with from one to three arms; or sometimes absent altogether) could make web recognition confusing for the predator.

What makes a spider sit on its web?

The web attracts the prey as the UV rays reflect in the silk threads and makes the web bright and conspicuous against its background. The bite of this spider is not toxic or harmful to humans. The spider sits on its web as its legs are aligned with the specific pattern for a larger appearance.