Where did the paperclip project take place?

Where did the paperclip project take place?

The Paper Clips Project, by middle school students from the small southeastern Tennessee town of Whitwell, created a monument for the Holocaust victims of Nazi Germany. It started in 1998 as a simple 8th-grade project to study other cultures, and then evolved into one gaining worldwide attention.

Is Linda Hooper still alive?

Linda’s Obituary Linda Therese Hooper (née Rose) died on December 20, 2019 at Select Specialty Hospital in Madison due to complications with an ongoing illness.

What was the total number of paper clips collected?

The idea came in 1998 from three of the teachers at the school and was completed in their eighth grade classrooms. The students ultimately succeeded in collecting over 25 million paperclips.

Why do students start collecting paperclips?

After some research on the Internet, the students decided to collect paper clips because they discovered that 1) Joseph Valler, a Norwegian Jew is credited as having invented the paper clip and 2) that Norwegians wore them on their lapels as a silent protest against Nazi occupation in WWII.

What do paper clips symbolize?

A seemingly innocuous item, the paper clip was a symbol of solidarity and unity (we are bound together), implying resistance.

What is Whitwell TN ZIP code?

Whitwell/Zip codes
Zip code 37397 is primarily located in Marion County. Portions of 37397 are also located in Sequatchie County. The official US Postal Service name for 37397 is WHITWELL, Tennessee.

What is the movie paper clips about?

Searching for an effective way to teach their students about the scale of the Holocaust, school officials in Tennessee devise a unique class project involving paper clips. The middle school students in a rural, heavily Christian community begin collecting the paper clips to represent the Jews who perished in concentration camps in World War II. After millions of the paper clips are collected, the last step is to place them inside a German rail car, a poignant echo of the Final Solution.
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Who designed the paper clip?

Johan Vaaler
The Norwegian Johan Vaaler is usually called the inventor of the paper clip. Norway had no patent office, so he filed an American patent for a set of square and triangular clips. That was in 1901. And maybe it was the first paper clip patent.

What are paper clips used for?

A paper clip (paperclip) is a device used to hold sheets of paper together, usually made of steel wire bent to a looped shape (though some are covered in plastic).

Who invented paper clips?

Who was the chief German scientist behind the Saturn V?

Wernher von Braun
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Wernher von Braun
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How many paper clips did the paper clip project collect?

The “Paper Clips Project” extended over several years and in 2001 the school dedicated a Children’s Holocaust Memorial, which includes an authentic German railcar filled with a portion of the more than 30 million paper clips they eventually collected.

Where is the box car with 11 million paper clips?

Submit your own tip. Holocaust Box Car With 11 Million Paper Clips The Children’s Holocaust Memorial is located behind the middle school in a gated area; you will need a key to access the box car and see the memorial built with the 11 million paperclips.

When did David Smith Start the Paper Clips Project?

David Smith and Sandra Roberts started a Holocaust education program and held the first class in the fall of 1998. Soon the students were overwhelmed with the massive scale of the Holocaust and asked Mrs. Hooper if they could collect something to represent the lives that were exterminated during the Holocaust.

What was the purpose of the movie Paper Clips?

It’s a documentary detailing a middle school project in Tennessee to teach kids about the atrocities of the Holocaust. The kids are collecting 6 million paper clips to represent the 6 million Jews who died. The framework of the film sounds simple, but the ideas and values behind it are complex.