Where can I buy authentic German lederhosen for men?

Where can I buy authentic German lederhosen for men?

At the Lederhosen store, you will never have to compromise on quality or finesse. Not only this we offer amazing German WasitCoats, Bavarian Shirts, Lederhosen Styled Socks, Lederhosen Shoes and Bavarian Oktoberfest Hats for men.

Where are the embroideries on the Lederhosen suspenders?

Embroideries can be also found on the lederhosen’s pockets and suspenders, which creates a unique charm. Alongside the big pockets on the frontside and the back pocket, there is also a small hidden pocket, which was originally made for a trachten knife.

Where to get the best lederhosen for Oktoberfest 2020?

We know what it means for you to get your dream Lederhosen for Oktoberfest 2020 . From traditional German lederhosen to vibrant dirndl and lederhosen designs for both men and women, at the Lederhosen store, you get the most authentic German lederhosen. October is a happy time of year for Germans and Austrians around the world.

What are the different colors of Bavarian lederhosen?

The typical Bavarian Lederhosen is kept in rather sober and darker colors. Yet, Lederhosen are still offered in tons of different brownish shades: classic variations are available in light and dark brown, beige, walnut and hazelnut; the more modern ones are also offered in different nuances of grey and black.

Where did the idea of lederhosen come from?

Lederhosen knickers and dirndl dresses originated in Bavaria as a uniform for working class men and women. The aristocracy was delighted by this multicolored peasant wear and elevated it to high fashion that is admired all over the world. Now you can own a piece of history when you purchase your own authentic lederhosen outfit .

What to wear with dirndl and lederhosen?

Fancy blouse patterns are sure to catch your eye and you can team these up with petite skirts and traditional German jewelry. Every single dirndl, lederhosen and bundhosen outfit available at out store is marked with rich tradition and history, and instantly reminds you of the long days of celebration.

What kind of lederhosen is best for Oktoberfest?

Authentic Lederhosen made from the best quality 100% authentic cow suede leather including traditional detailed motifs, this traditionally designed mens authentic lederhosen is the ideal companion for folk festivals, Oktoberfest or Halloween as well.

Where is the lace in the back of lederhosen?

There is a lace in the back of the waist (like a shoe lace) to fine tune the fit. You can loosen and tighten your authentic lederhosen about an inch. Should you not be able to take measurements of your jeans or pants that you usually wear, we recommend to go one size up from your jeans/pants size as these lederhosen run smaller.