When was Axiom Verge released?

When was Axiom Verge released?

March 31, 2015
Axiom Verge/Initial release dates

How do you get the red coat in Axiom Verge?

The Red Coat can be found in the lowest room in E-Kur-Mah. The Sudran Key is required to reach this area.

Is Athetos a trace?

The prime Trace was a theoretical physicist whose revolutionary theories were regarded by other scientists as false and insignificant, thereby earning him the nickname “Athetos” (see the Etymology section for more information). Trace was blacklisted by many of his colleagues.

Who created Axiom Verge?

Thomas Happ Games LLC
Axiom Verge/Developers

Is Axiom Verge difficult?

Axiom Verge 2 is – as mentioned – a more difficult game to love than its predecessor, but the effort is worth it as you find so much love and creativity put into it the further you dig.

How much does Axiom Verge cost?

Axiom Verge Nintendo Switch

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Site Price
eBay $24.00
Amazon $49.98

How many guns are in Axiom Verge?

There are 3 total weapons that can be found in Axiom Verge’s Secret World. You can only find one in each save game. Once you have found all 3 secret world weapons, the game will randomly select which one appears in the next game.

Where do I go after I get the red coat in Axiom Verge?

After grabbing the Red Coat you can fully explore Edin. There are a few secrets that require the block breaking feature the coat gives you while you are phasing through walls. The entrance to the final level is in Edin. Look for single walls that have breakable blocks behind them.

How long does Axiom Verge take?


Single-Player Polled Average
Main Story 290 10h 53m
Main + Extras 341 13h 46m
Completionists 77 17h 01m
All PlayStyles 708 12h 56m

Where is the secret world Axiom Verge?

The Hard Secret World can be found in Edin, E-Kur-Mah or Mar-Uru. Hard items: Primary – Heat Seeker, Scissor Beam or Fat Beam. Secondary – Health Node Fragment. The Hard secret world entrances can be puzzles involving the use of the Red Coat.

What engine does Axiom Verge use?

Microsoft XNA

Axiom Verge
Publisher(s) Thomas Happ Games
Composer(s) Thomas Happ
Engine Microsoft XNA (Windows) / MonoGame (non-Windows platforms)
Platform(s) PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Windows, macOS, Linux, Xbox One, Wii U, Nintendo Switch

How do I get to e Kur Mah Axiom Verge?

E-Kur-Mah is accessible in the later portion of the game, after obtaining the Drone Teleport. It is an ancient temple adjacent to the east side of the surface portion of Kur, and it has a cyan, gold, and green color theme.

Where are the secret worlds in Axiom Verge?

5 Secret Worlds are created in each save file. 2 Easy, 2 Medium and 1 Hard. Each Secret World contains one primary, and one secondary item. Easy Secret Worlds are found in Absu, Zi and Kur. Easy items: Primary – Range Node or Size Node.

When does Axiom Verge come out for PS4?

The PS Vita version was initially delayed due to technical complications with the porting process (as well as Paternity Leave), but was eventually released on April 19, 2016. Purchasing the game for PS4 also includes a download of the Vita version and purchases made prior to the Vita release will grant a retroactive cross-buy download.

Who is the creator of Axiom Verge?

Axiom Verge is a 2D retro-syled metroidvania action-adventure game inspired by such classics as Rygar, Contra, Castlevania, Bionic Commando, Blaster Master, and Metroid. It was created, developed, stylized and composed by Tom Happ. He worked during the day as a developer for Petroglyph Games but worked on his own game during his…

What happens when Trace enters the Secret World?

While in this area, strong scan-lines will appear on the player’s screen—as though the game is being viewed on an old cathode ray tube television with greyish static, occasional saturation reduction and vertical sync anomalies shown. Upon entering a Secret World, Trace is warned by Elsenova to turn back.