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When does the Edmonton International Fringe Festival start?

When does the Edmonton International Fringe Festival start?

Stay tuned for Festival updates! COVID-19 Update: As of March 19, 2020, we are mindfully and optimistically planning for the 2020 Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival to go forward in August as scheduled.

Is there a Fringe Festival in Orlando Florida?

Yes, Orlando Fringe is unique independent theatrical performances by artists from all over the world, but we are so much more. Year-round, Orlando Fringe produces events that celebrate artists of all kinds from around the world.

Is the Edinburgh Festival Fringe free to see?

Not only can you see incredible acts from a diverse range of world-class street entertainers, you can also preview hundreds of Fringe shows for free to help plan your festival. Find out all about the work of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society, the charity that underpins the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Who are Fringers of the future at Orlando Fringe?

FRINGERS OF THE FUTURE. Celebrating the rich and diverse talent of the up and coming performers from area middle and high Schools, Fringers of the Future provides a stage to perform during the festival as well as the training to become the next generation of Fringe performers, writers, producers, and technicians.

How is the Fringe Festival without the festival?

It looked and felt a whole lot different without the Festival, but gosh darnit, ain’t nothing gonna keep a good Fringe down. Stay calm & Fringe on! We don’t know what the 2021 Event will look like just yet, but we’re scheming and dreaming behind the scenes to imagine all the ways we can celebrate our 40th anniversary.

Why is the fringe theatre important in Canada?

Fringe Theatre is also a proud member of FAME (Festivals and Major Events Canada), an organization which seeks to increase political awareness of the importance of festivals and events in Canada as an economic driver, key export industry, and a sector of future growth and development.

How many tickets have been sold for the Edmonton Fringe?

Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival. 2019 was a record-breaking, memory-making year and we couldn’t have done it without you! Fringers saw more than 1,900 performances in 50 venues in just 11 days. 147,358 tickets were sold for a grand total of $1.7M at the box office (that’s $1.3M directly into the pockets of artists!).