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When does Homeland Season 4 start on Showtime?

When does Homeland Season 4 start on Showtime?

Homeland (season 4) Jump to navigation Jump to search. Season American political thriller television series Homeland. The fourth season of the American television drama series Homeland premiered on October 5, 2014, and concluded on December 21, 2014, on Showtime, consisting of 12 episodes.

What happens to Carrie in Homeland Season 4?

An official inquiry brings Carrie back to the States, where she struggles with her ambivalence towards motherhood. Quinn spirals out of control, while a disgraced former case officer reveals disturbing new information. Carrie is forced to intervene when Fara fails to recruit a key asset.

Who are the actors in the TV show Homeland?

Claire Danes, Mandy Patinkin and Rupert Friend (left to right) portray lead roles Carrie Mathison, Saul Berenson and Peter Quinn, respectively. Claire Danes as Carrie Mathison, a CIA intelligence officer assigned to the Counterterrorism Center. Rupert Friend as Peter Quinn, a CIA SAD/SOG (black ops) operative.

Who is the station chief in Season 4 of Homeland?

Damian Lewis as Nicholas Brody, who appears in a hallucination of Carrie’s. Prod. In the fourth season, Carrie is working as a CIA station chief in Kabul, Afghanistan. Pakistan station chief Sandy Bachman tips Carrie about the location of terrorist target Haissam Haqqani in Pakistan.

Who is the creator of the TV show Homeland?

The series started as a loosely based variation of the two-season run of the Israeli television series Hatufim (English: Prisoners of War) created by Gideon Raff and is developed for American television by Howard Gordon and Alex Gansa.

How did Sandy Bachman get killed in homeland?

This causes uproar and Sandy Bachman is attacked in the streets of Islamabad by an angry mob, after his picture somehow finds its way onto local TV. Carrie and Peter Quinn try to rescue him, but Bachman is dragged from the car and killed, while Carrie and Quinn barely escape. They are recalled to the U.S. by CIA Director Lockhart.