When did the Texas Giant reopen?

When did the Texas Giant reopen?

The park completed its investigation stating on September 10, 2013, that mechanical failure was not to blame. The ride reopened on September 14, 2013, after redesigned restraint bars, pads, and seat belts were installed on all three trains.

What happened on New Texas Giant?

Rosa Ayala-Goana fell 75 feet after being ejected from her seat while riding the Texas Giant at Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington on Friday. The ME’s office released more details in a statement on Tuesday about the incident at the amusement park that killed the 52-year-old woman.

How steep is the new Texas Giant?

79 degrees
You’ll race at a gasp-inducing swift 65 miles per hour, starting with a stunning 153-foot high lift then down a spectacularly steep drop at 79 degrees.

Who made new Texas Giant?

Rocky Mountain Construction
New Texas Giant/Manufacturers

Is the Texas Giant safe?

“The Texas Giant is safe to ride, and we look forward to opening the park for our 2014 season next week.” The original Texas Giant, a record-setting wooden roller coaster, opened at Six Flags in 1990. It closed after two decades and was rebuilt as a steel hybrid roller coaster.

Is the new Texas Giant safe?

But on Saturday, the ride re-opened with new safety improvements which regular riders say they noticed and say made them feel safer. Over the last 56 days the park, engineers and its insurance company investigated Esparza’s death and made the safety improvements, which the park allowed the media to see first-hand.

Where is the new Texas Giant roller coaster?

(Redirected from Texas Giant) New Texas Giant, formerly known as Texas Giant, is a steel roller coaster located at Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington, Texas.

Where is the new Texas Giant in Six Flags over Texas?

As the name suggests, New Texas Giant is located within the Texas section of Six Flags Over Texas. It was Rocky Mountain Construction’s first installation of I-Box track. New Texas Giant operates with three trains manufactured by Gerstlauer. There are three trains (colored red, blue, and black) themed to 1961 Cadillac Devilles.

What’s the angle on the new Texas Giant?

New Texas Giant also features multiple banked turns up to an angle of 115°. The renovated coaster was well-received, winning Best New Ride in the 2011 Golden Ticket Awards and ranking highly in industry polls. A fatal incident that occurred on July 19, 2013, resulted in modifications to the ride’s restraint system.

When did the new Texas Giant ride start?

After the ride’s relaunch in 2011 as the New Texas Giant, its popularity returned, winning Amusement Today’ s Golden Ticket Award for Best New Ride of 2011 and ranking highly in industry polls. On July 19, 2013, a woman died after falling from the ride, resulting in modifications and additions to the ride’s restraint system.