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What year did JCM 900 come out?

What year did JCM 900 come out?

Enter the JCM®900. Released in January 1990, the JCM900 boasted higher gain and lower noise coupled with the classic Marshall tone.

Who uses JCM900?

The world-famous Marshall JCM900 is used by countless artists, including Lars Frederiksen (Rancid), John 5 (Rob Zombie), and many, many others. It features a gain control, which is used to add extra beef to your dirty sound. It is Hi – Gain, and is also a dual reverb amp for those ambient, clean guitar sounds.

Is JCM800 high gain?

Boosted jcm 800 indeed can be considered gain wise in high gain territory, but there’s a lot more factors, mostly in the way the amp reacts to player’s picking. 6505 for example, despite it’s limitations (I don’t like them stock too much, fizzy and overly saturated), is one of the “fastest” high gain amps ever.

Who started Marshall amps?

Jim Marshall
Marshall Amplification/Founders
Jim Marshall, known as “The Father of Loud” for inventing the Marshall amplifier, was 88 years old. Marshall was a drummer and drum teacher who used his earnings to set up a music shop in west London in 1960.

Is the JCM800 a plexi?

The JCM800 has a plexi heart yet has a master volume to give you some gain sounds at lower level. The amount of gain is good enough for most pop & rock rhythm sounds – it is smooth/controlled and sounds good. If you want more then you need an o/d pedal or a preamp.

When did the Marshall JCM900 come out?

Enter the JCM900. Released in January 1990, the JCM900 boasted higher gain and lower noise coupled with the classic Marshall tone. The series was originally comprised of the single channel Hi-Gain Master Volume MK III and the two channel Hi-Gain Dual Reverb.

What’s the difference between a JCM 800 and 900?

The 900’s play fine, some are inconsistent. If you play a good one they sound great. I had a JCM 800 combo, people go nuts for the head, for some reason they don’t like the combo. I’ve played a head and a combo 800, there isn’t much of a difference, except I could change channels and have an FX loop in my combo.

What kind of AMP is the Marshall JCM800?

Marshall’s JCM series of amps has got to be one of the most legendary designs to ever grace the world of music. JCM800 laid down the groundwork for what was supposed to be an ever-evolving family of powerful tube heads. However, in an odd twist of faith, JCM800 lived to become ‘the’ JCM.

Is the JCM900 4100 an all valve amp?

Both amps contained a series FX loop, two line outputs and a high/low switch that could be used to drop the power from 100w to 50w. Today, the JCM900 lives on as the JCM900 4100, part of the Vintage Reissue series. This all-valve amp is famous for its tone and roadworthiness while maintaining the original high gain and dual reverb functions.