What was the percentage of Hindu in West Pakistan in 1947?

What was the percentage of Hindu in West Pakistan in 1947?

In 1947, Hindus constituted 12.9% of Pakistan, which made Pakistan (including present day Bangladesh) the second-largest Hindu-population country after India. After Pakistan gained independence from Britain on 14 August 1947, 4.7 million of the country’s Hindus and Sikhs migrated to India.

What was the population of East Pakistan in 1970?

Both countries’ populations were rapidly growing. Bangladesh’s 1970 population was estimated at 65 million, and Pakistan’s at 58 million.

What was the area of Pakistan in 1947?

947,940 km2
Former administrative units of Pakistan

Former administrative units of Pakistan پاکستان کی سابقہ انتظامی اکائیاں
947,940 km2 (366,000 sq mi)
• Established 14 August 1947

What was the population in 1947?

The population of India was counted as 361,088,090 (1:0.946 male:female) Total population increased by 42,427,510, 13.31% more than the 318,660,580 people counted during the 1941 census. No census was done for Jammu and Kashmir in 1951 and its figures were interpolated from 1941 and 1961 state census.

What is the dominant religion in Pakistan?

Islam is the official reigion in Pakistan, and over 95% of Pakistanis are Muslim. The country does allow freedom of religion, but there are many blasphemy laws that make that difficult: The Pakistani government does not restrict religious publishing.

What was Bangladesh called before 1971?

East Pakistan
In July 1971, Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi openly referred to the former East Pakistan as Bangladesh. Some Pakistani and Indian officials continued to use the name “East Pakistan” until 16 December 1971.

What was the population of Pakistan in 1951?

According to 1951 census, Dominion of Pakistan(both east and West Pakistan) had a population of 75 million population, in which West Pakistan had a population of 33.7 million and East Pakistan( modern Bangladesh) had a population of 42 million.

What was the population of India in 1941?

British India had a population of ~299 million (1941: 292,164,791), the Native states ~90 million (1941: 88,167,852), French India 0.225 million, Portuguese India 0.5 million, the Dominion of India started with a population of ~230 million, while East Bengal / East Pakistan / Bangladesh picked up…

When did West Pakistan become part of India?

For 1931 and 1941, the figures are for West Pakistan in undivided India. For 1951 and 1961, the figures are for West Pakistan in undivided Pakistan. Data for 1971 could not be accessed.

Where did most of Pakistan’s Muslims live after partition?

The Indus cities are noted for their urban planning, baked brick houses, elaborate drainage systems, water supply systems, and clusters of large non-residential buildings. After Partition of India in 1947, two-thirds of the Muslims resided in Pakistan (both east and West Pakistan) but a third resided in India.