What type of missile is Agni 2?

What type of missile is Agni 2?

Medium Range Ballistic Missile
Agni-II (IAST: Agnī, lit. ‘Fire’), is the second strategic ballistic missile of Agni (missile) family envisaged to be the mainstay of the Indian missile-based strategic nuclear deterrence….

Type Medium Range Ballistic Missile
Place of origin India
Service history
In service Active

What is meant by Agni missile?

The Agni missile (IAST: Agni “Fire”) is a family of medium to intercontinental range ballistic missiles developed by India, named after one of the five elements of nature. Agni missiles are long range, nuclear weapons capable surface to surface ballistic missile.

How many Agni 2 missiles are there in India?

8 Agni
The IISS estimates that India currently has 12 Agni-I and 8 Agni-II launchers in service.

WHO launched Agni missile?

Agni P is the first of the new class of Agni missile to be launched by DRDO. The ballistic missile weighs 50% less than Agni 3 and has new guidance and a new generation of propulsion.

What is the range of Agni 7 missile?

1000 to 2000 km
The surface-to-surface ballistic missile has a range of 1000 to 2000 km.

What is the range of BrahMos missile?

Operational range Surface/Sea Platform – 290 km (180 mi; 160 nmi) To be upgraded to 800 km (500 mi; 430 nmi) Air Platform – 400 km (250 mi; 220 nmi) To be upgraded to 1,500 km (930 mi; 810 nmi) Export – 290 km (180 mi)
Flight ceiling 15 km (49,000 ft)
Flight altitude Sea skimming, as low as 10 meters

Which is the second missile of the Agni family?

‘Fire’), is the second strategic ballistic missile of Agni (missile) family envisaged to be the mainstay of the Indian missile-based strategic nuclear deterrence. The Agni-II is a medium-range ballistic missile (MRBM) with two solid fuel stages and a Post Boost Vehicle (PBV) integrated into the missile’s Re-entry Vehicle (RV).

Where was first night Test of Agni missile?

The test was conducted from Abdul Kalam Island (formerly known as Wheeler Island) in Bhadrak district, by army personnel as part of a training exercise. India successfully conducted the first night trial of nuclear-capable intermediate range ballistic missile Agni-II from the Abdul Kalam Island of the Odisha coast at 16 Nov 2019.

When did the second stage of the Agni 2 fail?

The May 2009 test however ended in failure of the Agni II when the second stage failed to operate correctly and the missile started to veer wildly off course. In a subsequent re-test at night time in November 2009, the missile once again failed completely at the second stage, this time dropping directly into the sea.

What kind of propellant does the Agni IV have?

Agni IV is equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, that includes indigenously developed ring laser gyro and composite rocket motor. It is a two-stage missile powered by solid propellant.