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What type of company is Bio-Rad?

What type of company is Bio-Rad?

Bio-Rad is based in Hercules, California, and has operations worldwide….Bio-Rad Laboratories.

Type Public
Industry Medical laboratories, life science research
Founded 1952
Founders David Schwartz Alice Schwartz
Headquarters Hercules, California , United States

Who is the CEO of Bio Rad?

Norman David Schwartz (Jan 1, 2003–)
Bio-Rad Laboratories/CEO

How is biotechnology used in agriculture?

Biotechnology provides farmers with tools that can make production cheaper and more manageable. For example, some biotechnology crops can be engineered to tolerate specific herbicides, which make weed control simpler and more efficient. Many other types of crops are now in the research and development stages.

Is Bio stock a buy?

The Bio-Rad Laboratories Inc stock holds buy signals from both short and long-term moving averages giving a positive forecast for the stock. Also, there is a general buy signal from the relation between the two signals where the short-term average is above the long-term average.

What kind of company is Bio-Rad Laboratories?

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. is an American developer and manufacturer of specialized technological products for the life science research and clinical diagnostics markets.

Are there people posing as Bio-Rad recruiters?

Bio-Rad has received reports of individuals posing as Bio-Rad recruiters to obtain information from applicants. Be aware that Bio-Rad strictly adheres to these hiring practices. This opens in a new window. At Bio-Rad, what we do matters — to ourselves, but more importantly to others.

Why is Bio-Rad a good place to work?

“Bio-Rad is a great place to work because the company promotes an atmosphere for personal and professional growth. It’s been a great journey for ten years and counting. As a chemist, the most important part of my job is making products that improve the lives of people with diabetes.

Do you get paid time off at Bio-Rad?

We also offer paid public holidays and a competitive paid time off program. Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. is a global leader in developing, manufacturing, and marketing a broad range of innovative products for the life science research and clinical diagnostic markets.