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What type of battery is GC2?

What type of battery is GC2?

lead-acid batteries
Most GC2 batteries are 3-cell 6-volt lead-acid batteries, although Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries are also being offered as 4-cell 12-volt batteries.

Is interstate a good golf cart battery?

Interstate extreme cycle batteries are the best of the best in our golf cart lineup with the highest reserve capacity and the longest runtime and cycle life. Plus, they have all the premium technology upgrades a serious golfer (or golf cart chauffer) could want.

How long do Interstate golf cart batteries last?

Replacement. If you follow all of these tips, your golf cart battery should last a minimum of five years. You will also gain the ability to travel longer distances between charges. When your cart’s battery stops working, be sure to recycle it and purchase a quality replacement.

Are all batteries made in China?

In 2019, Chinese companies accounted for more than 80% of the world’s output of battery raw materials. Among the battery plants to be created in the next eight years, 101 out of 136 will be based in China. When it comes to batteries, China’s presence is felt at every step of the supply chain.

How many amp hour battery do I need?

At a basic level, a 100 ah battery should give you 10 amps for 10 hours. Deep cycle batteries will have less capacity as they get older, so a battery rated at 100Ah will be reduced by 20–50% depending on how it has been used and recharged after two or three years.

How does the GC2 ECL UTL improve battery life?

Unique design forms a superior barrier between positive and negative plates allowing electrolytes to flow freely for maximum battery life. Works in conjunction with the high-density paste to reduce corrosion and improve battery performance.

Which is the best Interstate deep cycle battery?

The ECL means extra extreme cycle, meaning you’ll get even more value for your dime. Voted “best battery” four years in a row by real users and technicians gives an undoubted assurance that Interstate Batteries will be outrageously dependable and a quality choice to replace your original lead acid battery.

How many amps are in interstate cycle golf cart batteries?

Interstate Extreme Cycle Golf Cart Batteries Part Number (RC) Min @ 75 Amp (RC) Min @ 25 Amp (RC) Min @ 25 Amp Amp Hours (Ah) @ 20 Hr GC2-ECL-S 447 447 447 225 GC2-ECL-UT 447 447 447 225 GC2-ECL-UTL 447 447 447 225 GC2-HD-AGM 475 475 475 210

Where can I get flooded lead acid batteries?

NOTE: We cannot ship flooded lead acid batteries via FedEx or UPS. Your order will be shipped LTL Common Carrier Truck Freight. Interstate Batteries’ GC-2 golf cart battery line has the longest drive time between charges in the industry of deep cycle batteries.