What to do if control out of acceptable range?

What to do if control out of acceptable range?

If the repeat value is still out of range, run a new vial of control. If the new control value is within acceptable limits, record the values and proceed with patient testing.

What is the purpose of quality control in the laboratory?

Quality control (QC) is one of the most important impacts on laboratory testingit ensures both precision and accuracy of patient sample results. The integrity of quality control samples is important to both management of overall quality as well as to meeting requirements of proficiency testing.

When should quality control be performed?

This is should be done before existing control lots expire. You would also do this if a new brand of controls will be used, a new procedure is implemented or new equipment is acquired. It is important to perform this procedure in an adequate time frame, usually at least two weeks in advance of the change: 1.

How do you verify patient results if QC is out?

Quality control materials are retested. If the results are out of control, then the laboratory must sequester all test results and undertake root cause analysis. If the results are in control, then all patient samples that are believed to have been affected by the out of control condition are retested and reported.

What are the methods of quality control?

Methods or Tools of Quality Control:Inspection: Inspection, in fact, is the common method used for quality control purposes not only in production but also in services. Statistical Quality Control: It is an advanced method or technique used to control the quality of a product.

What is the primary purpose of the three phase control system?

The primary purpose of the Three-Phase control system is to: Require the contractor to plan and schedule his work. The contractor is required to conduct a preparatory phase meeting before he begins any definable feature of work except when: There are no exceptions to the rule.

What are the five phases of construction?

The phases of building construction can typically be divided into five phases: initiation, planning, execution, monitoring, and the completion.

What are the stages of home construction?

Different stages of house construction in IndiaSite Preparation. The start of house construction begins with the preparation and clearing of the site. Floor Slab. Framing – Walls & Roof Structure. Roofing. External Finishes. Windows & Doors. Rough Ins. Internal Finishes.

What are the stages of house construction?

The Stages of Building a HouseThe Base Stage. The base stage prepares your block of land to be built on; it lays the foundation of your home. The Frame Stage. The Lock-up/Enclosed Stage. The Fixing and Fit-Off Stages. Practical Completion Inspection (PCI) The Handover.

What are the three phases of construction?

The three phases followed are the Design Phase, Construction Phase, and Post-Construction Phase. Design Phase – A projects begins with figuring out the scale of work, which determines project cost and provides enough information to give a beginning estimate.

What is the process of construction management?

As a rule, this phase is divided into two main processes: the executing and the monitoring and controlling. The project team makes sure that the required tasks are being performed. At the same time, progress is monitored and changes are being made accordingly.

What are the four distinct stages of the design process?

The four distinct stages of design are programming and feasibility, schematic or conceptual design, design development, and contract documents.