What stores are in 3rd Street Promenade?

What stores are in 3rd Street Promenade?

And for a good reason: Third Street Promenade stores include some of the biggest names in retail: Abercrombie and Fitch, Apple, a three-story Gap, H&M, Mac Cosmetics, Old Navy, Sephora, and Tesla. The Promenade is a shopper’s nirvana.

Why is the Santa Monica Pier famous?

It quickly gained a reputation among locals as the best fishing spot in Santa Monica. Santa Monica Pier fishing remains a popular activity to this day. The Looff Hippodrome, now a National Historic Landmark and home to a beautiful carousel, opened in 1916, followed by the iconic carousel in 1939.

Is Santa Monica Pier safe at night?

Santa Monica Pier is fine. It is festive and fun at night. Unless it is a very cold night.

What kind of stores are at Third Street Promenade?

I like the palm trees, outdoor nature of the mall, the liveliness and the variety of stores. Stores include Apple, Urban Outfitters, Somi Somi (Japanese soft serve ice cream), and more. It is also dog friendly! Some of the parking lots around the area are pretty expensive.

Where is the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica?

and street-performer stage. Just east of the Pier, the Third Street Promenade consists of three open-air, car-free blocks that are anchored by upscale Santa Monica Place, home to more than 80 retailers. With everything from fresh farmers-market produce to designer fashions, it’s a shopper’s nirvana.

Are there homeless people on Third Street Promenade?

Start your review of Third Street Promenade. Went down to the pier to walk around Wednesday between 9 and 11am. The second I leave my car two homeless people APPROACHED me asking for money.

Is the Third Street Promenade still in Samo?

Overdue for an urban revitalization, SaMo’s Third Street Promenade is still here and still kicking. This holy ground, once pounded sacred every night by our own feet dancing in the very space and time of the universe as expressed in the rhythm of every local musician who could arrive in our moment, could use another street poem, yes.