What starts with C for kindergarten?

What starts with C for kindergarten?

Letter C Word Bank:

  • can.
  • car.
  • carrot.
  • cat.
  • caterpillar.
  • clam.
  • clown.
  • coat.

How do you teach alphabet without worksheets?

Here are 10 hands-on ways to teach the alphabet without a pencil and paper worksheet….10 Hands-On ways to practice the Alphabet

  1. Craft Sticks.
  2. Snap Cubes.
  3. Sand Writing Trays.
  4. Fine Motor Dots.
  5. Geoboards.
  6. Salt Trays and Pebbles.
  7. Alphabet Clip Cards.
  8. Write & Wipe Binders.

What activities start with C?

Letter C Arts and Crafts

  • Cookie Jar. Make some pretend cookies out of cardboard or construction paper.
  • Collage. Have each child bring in a picture (they may also draw their own picture) that begins with the letter C.
  • Candy-Eyed Calico Cat.
  • Cloud prints.
  • Crayon Melting.
  • Candle.
  • Candy Cane.
  • Clock.

What can start with C?

7 letter words that start with C

  • cabalas.
  • cabanas.
  • cabanes.
  • cabaret.
  • cabbage.
  • cabbagy.
  • cabbala.
  • cabbies.

How to write the letter C in kindergarten?

They’ll learn to identify and write the Letter C with fun worksheets that have hidden letters, dot-to-dots, word searches and more. They’ll have so much fun with C that they’ll move forward with D and the rest of the letters in no time using our alphabet worksheets.

What can I do with the letter C worksheet?

The Letter C Worksheets and Printables. Letters are the building blocks to developing literacy in kindergarten students. Using the letter C worksheets and printables, parents and teachers can curate custom lesson plans for their early readers. Practice coloring the letter C or connect dot letters to create a picture.

How to teach your child the letter L?

Teach your preschooler all about the letter L with this reading worksheet. Packed with handwriting, letter, and coloring activities to keep her entertained. Kids work on letter-sound correspondence with this worksheet. Help your child practice the alphabet with this printable worksheet that asks him identify the letter C in uppercase and lowercase.

Are there any words that begin with the letter C?

Activity Sheet : Color the words that begin with the sound of C. There aren’t many words in the language that end with the letter c. /k/ sound words typically are a ‘ck’ combination as in du ck . /s/ sound words typically are a ‘ce’ combination as in sli ce.