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What size light do I need for my island?

What size light do I need for my island?

A basic rule of thumb is to use approximately 25% of the length of the island to find the right sized pendant. My island is 8ft or 96 inches long. I searched for a 24 inch / 2 ft diameter or square pendant.

How many pendant lights should I hang over island?

When deciding how many pendants to hang above an island, follow the Rule of Three. This rule states balance is created by repeating an element three times. Above an island, three pendant lights create a more balanced space than two or four, though the deciding factor in following The Rule of Three is always proportion.

How many lights do I need for a 10 foot Island?

For a 10 foot island, it’s best to go with three pendant lights to balance out the length of your island.

How much space do you need between island pendants?

You’ll want to space your pendant lights 24-inches to 30-inches apart. To space your pendant lights over your island, first find the center point of your island.

How many pendants do I need for a 6 foot island?

One method you can use is simply dividing the length of the area up evenly. For example, if your island is six feet long, you could put a light every three feet for a total of two pendants, each one centered over one-half of the space.

How big is a shallow junction light box?

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Do you need junction box for pendant lights?

The key is to have a junction box for each pendant light fixture. Size each fixture junction box being large enough to contain the number of wires that will be installed. Take the mystery out of ceiling fan wiring. Ceiling Fans are a great way to lower your energy bill and brighten up one of your favorite rooms.

How tall should pendant lights be on kitchen island?

The reality you want to hang a pendant light high enough off of the FLOOR, so when a person stands at the island they don’t look directly into the light bulbs of the fixture. Pin It! Typically, kitchen pendant lights (at their lowest point) are hung about 32 inches to 36 inches above the counter.

How to determine the size of a junction box?

To calculate box volume and box fill, you’ll need the tables from NEC 314.16 and knowledge of how to use them. Next, we’ll look at how to use these important tools. If the conductors in your junction box are of size 18 AWG through 6 AWG, you’ll use the tables in NEC 314.16 to determine the minimum volume of your junction box.