What pads do TRP spyre use?

What pads do TRP spyre use?

The Spyre, Hy/Rd and Hylex use a Shimano M525/M515-compatible pad, which means you have plenty of aftermarket options! Our four-piston brakes are compatible with Shimano Saint/Zee pads Replace. Replace pads when contaminated/damaged, or when there is about . 8mm of pad material left.

What rotors are compatible with TRP spyre?


  • Weight: 154g per caliper.
  • Dual sided actuation.
  • Works with ALL cable actuated road levers.
  • Comes with TRP ultra-grippy semi-metallic pads.
  • Calipers are compatible with Shimano M525/M515 pads.
  • 160mm rotors recommended on front wheel.
  • Rotors, adapters, and flat mount mounting bolts sold separately.

Is TRP spyre short pull?

The TRP Spyre SLC Flat Mount Brakes are mechanical brakes that have a short pull to work perfectly with road brake levers.

What is TRP brake?

TRP was founded on the idea of building the highest quality braking systems available in the bicycle industry. By using exotic materials such as Carbon Fiber, Titanium and TT6 Aluminum, TRP brakes set a new industry standard for lightweight and precise control.

Is mount disc brake?

Modern disc brakes started out using IS (International Standard) mounts, often called “disc tabs”. These have two threadless holes running parallel to the hub axle that are used to mount an IS caliper or an adapter for a post mount caliper.

Are TRP rotors any good?

We’d rank TRP as one of the best competitors to SRAM and Shimano. The TRP Quadiem brake has all the goods, offering amazing modulation and power with a dimpled, ergonomic lever blade.

When should Shimano rotors be replaced?

Braking erodes material off the rotor depending on the riding conditions, rotors will typically last through two or more sets of brake pads. When a SHIMANO rotor measures 1.5mm thick or less, it’s time to replace it. A new rotor should always be accompanied by new brake pads.

Can I use Shimano rotors with TRP brakes?

What you can do is pull the pads from the TRP and compare them to a set of SLX or XT pads, if the height of the pads is the same (or the TRP is shorter) then you can use a Shimano centerlock rotor, if not, things get fun.

Do you need to adjust brake caliper on TRP Spyre?

With TRP’s brake, suddenly, there’s much less faff involved in the periodic adjustment to the brake calipers. In my experience the Spyre keeps its tune for longer, too, shrugging off wheel dismounts and remounts fairly well.

What makes TRP Spyre SLC cable disc brakes different?

The main thing that sets all TRP cable disc brakes apart from their competitors, is that when you pull on the lever with the TRP Spyre then both pads move simultaneously in towards the rotor; rather than the normal case of the cable simply pulling one pad in, and bending the rotor so it touches the second pad.

What does TRP twin piston disc brake caliper do?

TRP essentially introduced a new twin-piston design, mimicking the action of a hydraulic disc brake caliper. The benefit isn’t in power, but in how much easier a mechanical disc brake system became to live with.

What’s the difference between Trp Spyre and Spyre-C?

The TRP Spyre-C is the OEM (after-market) version of the Spyre SLC, and although the two look and function similarly, there are a few notable improvements in the SLC model. I run through these features below…. The main thing that sets all TRP cable disc brakes apart from their competitors, is that when you pull on the lever with