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What makes a Yamaha YZF R6 the best?

What makes a Yamaha YZF R6 the best?

The YZF-R6 Deltabox aluminum frame incorporates years of GP development in terms of geometry, engine positioning and rigidity, resulting in the gold standard in 600-class handling. The R6 combines lightning-fast handling agility with confidence-inspiring mid-corner stability.

Where can I buy a Yamaha R6 motorcycle?

This pre-owned Yamaha R6 offers Fender Eliminator, Steering Stabalizer and a few other goodies. Call (330)2391950 | Polaris Medina i… More Info ›

When did the Yamaha R6 get a new swingarm?

2003: Yamaha YZF-R6 gets new swingarm, fuel injection replaces carbs, revised frame, five-spoke wheels. None. 50 owners have reviewed their YAMAHA R6 (1998-2003) and rated it in a number of areas. Read what they have to say and what they like and dislike about the bike below.

What is the redline on a Yamaha R6?

The Yamaha YZF-R6 loves to rev – a 15,500 rpm redline was high for the time. As with a two-stroke you need to be heavy on the revs and clutch at low rpm to get going. Hit 6000rpm and the R6 wakes up, driving strongly as long as you are hard on the gasbefore the next kick in power at 10,000rpm where it really takes off towards its 15,500rpm redline.

What kind of fork does the YZF-R6 have?

The graceful curves of aluminum are accentuated by hand-welded craftsmanship for a truly beautiful finalized part. To ensure class-leading front-end feel and confidence, the YZF-R6 features the advanced KYB® 43mm fork found on the R1, tuned specifically for the R6.

How does YZF-R6 magnesium engine cover work?

Magnesium engine covers minimize engine weight. The YZF-R6 features Yamaha’s Chip Controlled Intake (YCC-I®)—which electronically changes the effective intake tract length to give the benefits of both shorter and taller intake stacks in a single engine—for a broader, more tractable powerband.

What kind of engine does the Superbike R6 have?

The R6 is powered by a compact and lightweight 599cc DOHC liquid- cooled four-cylinder engine featuring the latest manufacturing technology. Sixteen titanium valves, a high 13.1:1 compression ratio and lightweight forged pistons allow for smooth, high-revving power.