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What makes a Kyocera ceramic knife so good?

What makes a Kyocera ceramic knife so good?

Kyocera Ceramic Knives. Details. The advanced ceramic construction of these knives give it unrelenting sharpness, strength, density and precision. Lightweight and durable, the ceramic blades allow excellent edge retention with razor-sharpness and resistance to rust.

What kind of knife is the Kyocera Peeler?

The soft-grip ceramic mandolin, peeler and a 4.5″ utility knife provide total control in slicing, dicing, and/or peeling! The ergonomic design complements the proprietary ultra-sharp zirconia blades that stay sharper up to 10x longer than metal blades. They won’t rust, are ultra-lightweight, and easy to clean.

Where do you store a Kyocera knife sheath?

Kyocera’s knife sheaths are the perfect way to store knives in a kitchen drawer, while camping, traveling, or anytime you are on the go. Whether your knives are stored in a drawer or knife bag, the sheath will keep them safe and secure.

Which is the leading brand of ceramic knives?

Developed and manufactured in Japan, Kyocera’s proprietary blade technology has become the benchmark in many key industries and is considered the leading brand in ceramic knives and kitchen tools.

Where does the Kyocera Revolution utility knife come from?

All Kyocera ceramic blades are manufactured in Sendai, Japan in a factory that generates solar power to offset energy consumption. Not as large as a slicing or chef’s knife, the Revolution 4.5″ utility knife is a good all-around tool for basic kitchen cutting of smaller fruits and vegetables.

What kind of material is the Kyocera Pakka knife made of?

The pakka wood handle has a stainless steel bolster and rivet and the chef’s blade is made from Kyocera’s very own proprietary zirconia material produced in Japan for exceptional quality and beauty. This slicing knife is perfect for slicing wide fruits and vegetables.

What kind of knife is the innovation chef Santoku?

The well-balanced knife has an ergonomic handle for managing repetitive cutting tasks. Combining two common knife shapes, the Innovation chef’s santoku will be your all-purpose knife in the kitchen.

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