What magazines are compatible with Ruger SR9c?

What magazines are compatible with Ruger SR9c?

10-round, 9mm Luger Genuine Ruger® Factory Magazine is compatible with the Security-9™ pistol. It is also compatible with the PC Carbine™ with the SR9® & Security-9™ Magazine Well Insert installed. It is not compatible with the SR9® or SR9c® pistol.

Does SR9 magazine fit SR9c?

SR9 Magazine 17 Round Fits SR9c and SR9e 9mm 17 Round Black Mfr 90449.

What does Ruger SR9c stand for?

Suddenly, reliability wasn’t a goal but a standard. However, Ruger did not stop there and the next step was the SR9c, the compact version of the SR9. Ruger basically shortened the barrel of the SR9 to 3.5″ while the grip frame itself was also shortened by at least one finger. Playin’ favorites: 9mm semi-auto pistols.

Is Ruger SR9c concealable?

Ruger SR9c 9mm is one of the thinnest double-stack handguns on the market, which proves to be a great choice for everyday concealed carry. This American made pistol weighs just 23.4 ounces and holds 10 rounds in its standard magazine. For those looking to open or conceal carry their Ruger pistol, look no further.

What magazine does the Ruger PC Carbine take?

Ruger’s 9mm PC carbine can be fed using not only Ruger SR-Series and Security-9 magazines, but also common Glock 19/17 9mm magazines. Feeding from Glock magazines is a big plus in my book. You can also buy a separate third magazine well which allows it to feed from Ruger American Pistol magazines.

How good is the Ruger SR9c?

Overall verdict– It’s not perfect. But it is a consistent, reliable, fun compact gun with a superb trigger. The Ruger SR9c was my top choice for EDC, bedside defense, and range practice for over a year. I feel very good about investing in this gun.

Is the Ruger SR9c?

The SR9c has a stainless steel slide, with front and rear serrations to provide a positive grip when loading or unloading the pistol. The Ruger SR9c Compact Semi-Auto Pistol has an ambidextrous manual safety and magazine release that are easily reached and actuated during stressful situations.

Is the Ruger SR9c any good?

Are there 17 round magazines for the SR9c?

For more details see our shipping restrictions page . However, if you are LE or Active Military please contact us for further assistance. This is a 2-PACK of factory 17-round magazines for Ruger SR9, SR9C & 9E pistols in 9mm.

Can a Ruger SR9 be used as a civilian?

Designed to meet the needs of law enforcement and ideal for civilian carry, the SR9 is a force to be reckoned with in any shooter’s hands. Double down on 9mm firepower with this 2-pack of full capacity, 17-round factory replacement magazines for your Ruger SR9, SR9C, & 9E pistols.

What is the magazine capacity for a 9mm Ruger?

2 Pack Ruger SR9, SR9C, 9E 9mm 17-Round Magazine Brand: Ruger Magazines UPC: 736676904495 Caliber: 9mm Luger Capacity: 17-Round Material: Steel

How many rounds in a 9mm Ruger Luger?

Ruger SR9/SR9C/9E 9mm Magazine 17 Rounds Steel Bla… Ruger SR9C Magazine 9mm Luger 10 Rounds Steel Blac…