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What learning activities are ideal in transformative learning?

What learning activities are ideal in transformative learning?

Transformative learning can be fostered by asking open-ended questions to learners. This will promote critical-thinking skills that will help learners relate new knowledge to their own life experiences. Examples include the use of blogs and internal social tools for online discussions and responses to questions.

How do you implement transformative learning?

How to Implement Transformative Learning?

  1. Do an initial brainstorm of ideas.
  2. Challenge personal assumptions about the “right” way of doing things.
  3. Be open to making mistakes.
  4. Look for novel solutions from other sources, especially those outside of the field/culture.
  5. Reflect on what worked, what didn’t, and why.

What are the key concepts of transformative learning?

Mezirow’s transformative learning is defined as “an orientation which holds that the way learners interpret and reinterpret their sense experience is central to making meaning and hence learning.” Put in simple terms, transformative learning is the idea that learners who are getting new information are also evaluating …

Who is the founder of transformative learning theory?

Transformative learning is one theory of learning, and particularly focuses on adult education and young adult learning. Transformative learning is sometimes called transformation learning, and focuses on the idea that learners can adjust their thinking based on new information. Jack Mezirow is known as the founder of transformative learning.

How is learning theory related to perspective transformation?

Transformative learning theory (see Mezirow, 1997) addresses this common teaching challenge. The theory describes the conditions and processes necessary for students to make the most significant kind of knowledge transformation: paradigm shift, also known as perspective transformation. Mezirow (1991, p. 167) describes perspective transformation as:

How are transformative learning methods used in practice?

TRANSFORMATIVE LEARNING: THEORY TO PRACTICE 11 These methods encourage critical reflection and experience in discourse. The focus is on discovering the context of ideas and the belief systemsthat shape the way we think about their sources, nature, and consequences, and on imagining alternative perspectives.

What makes a teacher A Transformational Teacher?

Rather than being content-focused, transformational teachers help students become meta-critical participants in the learning process and well-practiced at critical thinking, goal setting and reflection. Inquiry-based learning, service learning, and project-based learning are all forms of transformational education.