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What lancets does CONTOUR use?

What lancets does CONTOUR use?


  • Locking endcap helps prevent accidental lancing.
  • 5 clearly visible depth settings.
  • Smooth-gliding mechanism to minimize noise.
  • Easy-to-use lancet ejector.
  • Uses silicone-coated MICROLET® lancets for smooth gliding into the skin.

What lancets go with CONTOUR test strips?

Always use MICROLET lancets for best operation.

What lancing device comes with CONTOUR next meter?

Microlet Next Lancing Device | Contour Next.

What strips are compatible with Bayer CONTOUR?

Blood Glucose Meter (BGM) BGM NDC/UPC Test Strip
CONTOUR®USB Blood Glucose Monitoring System NDC 0193-7393-01 UPC 30193-7393-017 CONTOUR®Blood Glucose Test Strips
BREEZE®2 Blood Glucose Monitoring System NDC 0193-1440-01 UPC 30193-1440-010 BREEZE®2 Blood Glucose Test Strips

Is Contour next one rechargeable?

After a welcome screen you will select your language. Your CONTOUR®NEXT USB meter has a rechargeable battery. You must charge your meter by plugging it into the USB port or wall charger. After one minute of charging, you can run one blood glucose test if needed.

How accurate is the CONTOUR Next EZ?

† CONTOUR®NEXT EZ meter meets ±10% accuracy vs. laboratory method, specifically: 99.5% of results within ±10% for blood glucose concentrations ≥5.55 mmol/L, and 100% of results within ±0.56 mmol/L accuracy vs. laboratory method for blood glucose concentrations <5.55 mmol/L.

How do you use Microlet lancets?

Firmly push the lan cet straight into the lancet holder. After you hear or feel the “click,” continue pushing until the lancet comes to a complete stop. Twist off the protective cap and save for disposal of used lancet.

How do you use Bayer Contour Plus?

The highly accurate CONTOUR™PLUS meter is easy to use straight out of the box.

  1. Insert the grey end of a CONTOUR™PLUS test strip into the meter. The meter will turn on.
  2. When the Apply Blood screen appears, touch the test strip to the drop of blood.
  3. Your test result will appear after a 5 second countdown.

How accurate is CONTOUR Plus?

Results: Results of fingertip and venous blood glucose measurements by the CONTOUR PLUS system were compared with laboratory reference values to determine accuracy. Accuracy was 98.1% (96.06%-99.22%) for fingertip blood tests and 98.1% (96.02%-99.21%) for venous blood tests.

How accurate is CONTOUR blood glucose meter?

When evaluated with the more stringent accuracy criteria, the CONTOUR BGMS had 96.7% (95% CI: 94.9%, 97.8%) of overall results that were within ±15 mg/dl (±0.83 mmol/liter) or ±15% of the reference value (Table 4).