What kind of nail art goes with blue nails?

What kind of nail art goes with blue nails?

Gold goes especially well with blue nails! Blue and gold nail art can be put together with light hues, like turquoise, as well as medium and dark hues, like royal and navy blue.

Why do you put blue on your nails?

When you decide to use blue as your primary nail design color, you are opening yourself up to an incredible amount of possibilities. Having colored nails turns your cuticles into a fun and fashionable accessory that you can work however you choose.

What’s the best way to wear blue nail polish?

Starting with a brightly full glitter middle nail, then tapering out to a simple single azure gem on the pinky, this look pairs a clear polish that lets the natural nail shine through with playful blue and white glitter, creating a look that is chic with a nod to simplicity. 7. Magical Blue and Gold Confetti Nails

What’s the difference between blue and gold nail polish?

This design hides the stark line that divides the clear polish from the bright blue using flecks and sparkles of beautiful gold confetti polish. This magical dusting of pixie dust not only makes the transition from blue to clear smoother but also adds an element of whimsy and revelry. Blue and gold are a classic and reliably gorgeous combination.

What’s the best way to make nail art?

The night sky is one of the best ways to incorporate blue into an artistic nail design, and this particular set pays homage to deep space. With bursts of yellow and white creating central celestial bodies that explode out into gradually darker blues, each nail is another gorgeous galaxy to explore. 9. Sleek and Sharp Blue Stilettos

Which is the best color for nail design?

With their minty hue and icy bling, these pretty nails are one of the best blue nail designs. Incorporating fun and appropriate accessories, a lovely shade of blue, and subtle textural differences, these nails hit all of the marks for great nail design.

What’s the best nail art for short nails?

Perfect blue themed nail art design for short nails. Baby blue and white polish are used as base color with a variety of other colors on top for the flowers and leaves. Pinwheel inspired blue nail art design; this design uses white polish as base color with blue glitter polish as well.