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What kind of music does Booka Shade make?

What kind of music does Booka Shade make?

Following these singles, Booka Shade released an EP under the name Booka Shade Presents: Yaruba, which according to the band’s Soundcloud “represents the dark and more clubby side of Booka Shade”. Booka Shade have released 7 albums of their own material, Memento, Movements, The Sun & the Neon Light, More!, EVE, Galvany Street and Cut The Strings.

When did Booka Shade release Haleshop for free?

In late 2012, Booka Shade set up a new label imprint called ‘Blaufield Music’ . The track ‘Haleshop’ was given away for free via the band’s website and limited edition white-label vinyl was made available to purchase, each of which were hand-stamped.

Who are the members of the band Booka Shade?

It is made up of Walter Merziger and Arno Kammermeier, described as veterans of the Frankfurt electronic music scene. They have released 7 studio albums including Memento (2004) Movements (2006), The Sun & The Neon Light (2008), More! (2010), Eve (2013), Galvany Street (2017), Cut The Strings (2018), various EPs and a mix album for DJ Kicks.

When did Booka Shade open for Depeche Mode?

Booka Shade also were the opening act of a Depeche Mode concert in Berlin. This led to Resident Advisor awarding Booka Shade the honour of ‘Best Live Act’ in 2006, alongside ‘Best Album’ for their new Movements album. The next album Movements was released in May 2006 and included the singles ‘Night Falls”, “In White Rooms” and “Darko”.

When did Booka Shade album Memento come out?

In 2004 Booka Shade released the album Memento on Get Physical. Their collaboration with M.A.N.D.Y. then followed, with their single “Body Language” breaking through to a global audience. The track became a club hit, the “Ibiza Track of the Season”. and led to Get Physical being awarded ‘Label of the Year” by DJ Magazine.