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What kind of engine does a 2009 Nissan Sentra have?

What kind of engine does a 2009 Nissan Sentra have?

The 2009 Nissan Sentra’s 2.0, 2.0 S and 2.0 SL come equipped with the same four-cylinder engine that delivers 140-horsepower and 147 pound-feet of torque. Sentra trims have either a six-speed manual transmission or the CVT, which has many reviewers talking, mostly due to its lack of traditional fixed gears.

Does the 2009 Nissan Sentra have a CVT transmission?

Most 2009 Nissan Sentra sedans come with a CVT that helps fuel economy but saps energy from the drivetrain. Cars.com notes that in this Nissan, 2009 “sees the end of the base Sentra with the six-speed manual transmission.” The six-speed manual offered in the SE-R Spec V is not great either.

How many miles can a 2009 Nissan Sentra last?

The Nissan Sentra can last between 250,000 and 300,000 miles provided it is well maintained and driven sensibly. For the average driver doing 15,000 miles a year, this equals 16 to 20 years of service before major repairs are required.

Are 2009 Nissan Sentras good cars?

Most reviewers agreed that the 2009 Nissan Sentra has a comfortable, well-made interior. The Sentra has a standard 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that averages up to 25/33 mpg city/highway. Reviewers said the Sentra’s continuously variable transmission (CVT) is smooth, but the overall driving experience is boring.

Is a 2009 Nissan Sentra front wheel drive?

Sentra comes only as a four-door sedan (no hatchback is offered) and all models are front-wheel drive. Sentra 2.0 models come with an aluminum 2.0-liter engine and a choice of a wonderful six-speed manual gearbox or a CVT continuously variable automatic transmission.

When did Nissan Sentra start using CVT transmission?

There were some problems in 2003 when Nissan first began using this transmission and in the 2007-2012 CVT generation. Specific models include the Murano, Sentra, Altima, Rogue, Versa, and Versa Note.

Which is the best review of a 2009 Nissan Sentra?

Edmunds’ expert review of the Used 2009 Nissan Sentra provides the latest look at trim-level features and specs, performance, safety, and comfort. At Edmunds we drive every car we review, performing road tests and competitor comparisons to help you find your perfect car. Read the full in-depth review of the Used 2009 Sentra at Edmunds.

What kind of engine does a Nissan Sentra have?

Where the regular Sentra has a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, the SE-R and SE-R Spec V have a 2.5-liter, but the Spec V’s is a higher-output version: Its intake and exhaust manifolds are modified, it has different pistons with reinforced connecting rods, a higher compression ratio and revised camshafts.

What are the trim levels of the Nissan Sentra?

trim levels & features. The 2009 Nissan Sentra is offered in five trim levels: 2.0, 2.0 S, 2.0 SL, SE-R and SE-R Spec V. Later in the model year, the “FE+” moniker (signifying an engine computer tweak that improves fuel economy by 1 mpg) is affixed to all Sentras except the manual-transmission 2.0 S and both SE-R trims.

What kind of seats does a Nissan Sentra have?

The SE-R is dolled-up with a black interior and sport bucket seats. The cloth upholstery, embroidered with the SE-R logo, is a step up from the regular Sentra, but I found the seats marginal in terms of comfort.