What jobs dont require public speaking?

What jobs dont require public speaking?

By combining the earnings rank and communication scores, we were able to identify high-paying jobs that don’t require a lot of communication.Locomotive Engineers. Mining Roof Bolters. 12 (tie). 12 (tie). Loading Machine Operators, Underground Mining. Podiatrists. Dermatologists. Mine Shuttle Car Operators.

What jobs dont require social skills?

9 jobs for people who don’t like peopleAuditor. Perhaps you don’t mind dealing with people but don’t particularly like them. Statistician. Here’s another one for number crunchers. Online Support Person. Software Developer. Zoologist. Actuary. Postal Deliveryperson. Data Entry Specialist.

What jobs require little social interaction?

16 Jobs with no customer interactionTranscriptionist. National average salary: $13.43 per hour. Data entry clerk. National average salary: $14.14 per hour. Blogger. National average salary: $15.36 per hour. Laboratory technician. National average salary: $18.93 per hour. Technical writer. Librarian. Truck driver. Archivist.

What jobs require a lot of talking?

Using information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Monster identified jobs where you can put your chatty side to work.Advertising sales representative. Announcer. Coach. Customer service representative. Event planner. Fitness instructor. High school teacher. Human resources specialist.

What are jobs that nobody wants?

The following mentioned is a list of dangerous jobs that pay well or dangerous high paying jobs that no one wants.Crime scene cleaner: Garbage collectors: Oil rig worker: Portable toilet cleaner: Crab fisherman: Sewage inspector: Coal miners: Landfill operators:

What job is good for introverts?

The best jobs for introverts listed below are extremely well suited for introverted personality types. These careers provide work environments that allow for greater independence and one-on-one interaction….The 15 Best Jobs for Introverts.JobMedian SalaryJob Growth Rate (2018-28)Graphic Designer$52,1103%Paralegal$Artist$•