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What is weather based crop insurance scheme?

What is weather based crop insurance scheme?

Weather based Crop Insurance Scheme (WBCIS) provides protection to the insured cultivators in the event of loss in crops yields resulting from the adverse weather incidences, like un-seasonal/excess rainfall, heat (temperature), frost, relative humidity etc.

How do you use weather based crop insurance scheme?

The non-loanee farmers are required to submit the following documentary evidence of land records to avail the benefit of Weather Based Crop Insurance Scheme:

  1. Records of Right (RoR)
  2. Land possession Certificate (LPC)
  3. Applicable contract documents.
  4. Agreement detail documents.

When was the weather based crop insurance scheme implemented?

The RWBCIS was launched on 18th February 2016 by Hon’ble Prime Minister 12 states implemented the scheme in Kharif 2016 whereas 9 states have implemented the scheme in Rabi 2016-17.

Which insurance will be covered against crop failure?

Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojna is a crop insurance scheme sponsored by the Government of India. The policy was launched in 2016. It aims to provide financial aid to farmers in case of crop loss or damage. Thus, it helps to reduce farmers’s stress and keep them motivated to continue with farming as an occupation.

What is the duration of crop insurance?

POST-HARVEST LOSSES (individual farm basis): Coverage is available upto a maximum period of 14 days from harvesting for those crops which are kept in “cut & spread” condition to dry in the field after harvesting, against specific perils of cyclone / cyclonic rains, unseasonal rains throughout the country.

What are the documents required for crop insurance?

Documents Required The non-loanee farmers are required to submit necessary documentary evidence of land records prevailing in the State (Records of Right (RoR), Land possession Certificate (LPC) etc.) and/ or applicable contract/ agreement details/ other documents notified/ permitted by concerned State Govt.

What is the purpose of weather based crop insurance?

Weather Based Crop Insurance aims to mitigate the hardship of the insured farmers against the likelihood of financial loss on account of anticipated crop loss resulting from incidence of adverse conditions of weather parameters like rainfall, temperature, frost, humidity etc.

What does wbcis stand for in crop insurance?

Weather based Crop Insurance Scheme (WBCIS) operates on the concept of “Area Approach” i.e., for the purposes of compensation, a ‘Reference Unit Area (RUA)’ shall be deemed to be a homogeneous unit of Insurance.

What are the challenges of weather based insurance?

Weather Based Insurance, however, depicts promise in terms of lower claims ratio but has challenges in terms of density and reliability of weather stations.

Can a cloud burst be covered under wbcis?

✓ Hailstorm, Cloud-burst may also be covered as Add-on/Index-Plus products for those farmers who have already taken basic coverage under WBCIS. Risk period would ideally be from sowing to maturity of the crop.