What is WAN acceleration in SonicWall?

What is WAN acceleration in SonicWall?

The WAN Acceleration service allows you to accelerate WAN traffic between a central site and a branch site by using Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), and Windows File Sharing (WFS). The Dell SonicWALL WXA series appliance is deployed in conjunction with a Dell SonicWALL NSA series appliance.

What is WAN acceleration client?

WAN acceleration, sometimes known as WAN optimization, is a collective term for a variety of techniques intended to increase the speed and efficiency of data transfer across wide-area networks (WANs).

What is WXAC acceleration?

Introducing the NetExtender WAN Acceleration Client (WXAC) Dell SonicWALL’s WAN Acceleration appliances can be placed behind your 5th or 6th Generation UTM appliance to provide a uniquely simple to set up acceleration service for site-to-site VPN connections between offices.

How do I access my SonicWall firewall from WAN?

How can I enable or disable SonicWall firewall management access?

  1. Navigate to Manage | Policies | Rules | Access Rules page in the SonicWall GUI.
  2. Choose view style as Matrix and click on WAN to WAN matrix button.

What is WAN traffic?

WAN optimization is a collection of techniques for improving data transfer across wide-area networks (WANs). Traffic on a “DC2DC” WAN may include replication, back up, data migration, virtualization, and other Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery (BC/DR) flows.

Why does WAN network congestion occur?

Network congestion in data networking and queueing theory is the reduced quality of service that occurs when a network node or link is carrying more data than it can handle. Typical effects include queueing delay, packet loss or the blocking of new connections.

How do I manage SonicWall remotely?

The SonicWall can be administered remotely using an existing VPN connection on HTTPS or HTTP. If you already have a running VPN connection to the firewall from behind another SonicWall or from the VPN client, simply log into the unit using its LAN IP address (as you would if located on the LAN segment).

How does WAN optimization work?

WAN optimization controllers (WOCs) can breathe new life into slow wide area network links, relieving congestion, speeding up file transfers and making applications more responsive. They suffer from high latency because they are long (relative to LAN links) …

How does SonicWall WAN acceleration ( WXA ) work?

By transmitting only new or changed data, SonicWall WAN Acceleration (WXA) solutions optimize the bandwidth you already have. Integrate WXA software or virtual appliance with a SonicWall firewall to minimize and prioritize app traffic. Cut down on duplicate information and reduce latency using data de-duplication, byte caching and file caching

How to configure Windows file sharing on SonicWall Wan?

Client PCs require AD Server Services (TCP 135, 137, 139, 445) for file services and require AD Directory Services for Domain Services. WXA Appliances also require these services for Domain Services and file shares proxy. Steps involved: 1. Pre-requisites 2.

Do you need VPN policy for SonicWall Wan?

Pre-requisites: 1. Site-Site VPN policy is already configured between Head Quarters and remote site to allow traffic between the networks. It is not required to include WXA Subnets in the VPN Policy/Networks. 2.

How does SonicWall help improve application transfer performance?

SonicWall WAN Acceleration helps you significantly enhance application transfer performance and increase employee productivity. Significantly enhance application transfer performance and increase employee productivity