What is Wakhi Pakistani?

What is Wakhi Pakistani?

In Pakistan, they refer to themselves as “Wakhi” or “Pamiri” or “Gujali”. The Wakhi predominantly adhere to Nizari Ismaili Shia Islam, which is regarded as their ethnic religion and are followers of the Aga Khan.

How are you in Wakhi language?

”Chiz holi” is a Wakhi way of saying ‘how are you’ and ‘Bafam, shobosh’ is the reply to it, meaning ‘good, thanks’.

Who are Tajiks in Afghanistan?

Tajiks are an Iranic ethnic group and form the second largest ethnic group in Afghanistan. They are a native Persian-speaking people. Tajiks are the major ethnic group in neighboring Tajikistan, a country that was created north of Afghanistan in 1991.

What language do Wakhi speak?

Wakhi (Wakhi: وخی/В̌aхi), IPA: [waχi], is an Indo-European language in the Eastern Iranian branch of the language family spoken today in Wakhan District, Northern Afghanistan and also in Tajikistan, Northern Pakistan and China.

Who controls Wakhan Corridor?

In the south, the Durand Line agreement of 1893 marked the boundary between British India and Afghanistan. This left a narrow strip of land ruled by Afghanistan as a buffer between the two empires, which became known as the Wakhan Corridor in the 20th century.

Is there a road from China to Afghanistan?

There is no road across the pass. On the Chinese side, the immediate region is only accessible to military personnel. On the Afghan side, the nearest road is a rough road to Sarhad-e Wakhan (also known as Sarhad-e Broghil), about 100 kilometres (62 mi) from the pass by paths.

Are Nuristani Pashtuns?

The Nuristani do not have a formal tribal structure as the Pashtuns do, however they do designate themselves by the names of the local regions they are from. In total, there are 35 such designations: five from the north–south valleys and 30 from the east–west valley.

How did the Wakhi people preserve their culture?

Activists and researchers have been working to preserve and record the language of the Wakhi people, and have developed Wakhi orthographies using the Arabic, Cyrillic, and Latin scripts. In 1990, the Gojali Wakhis of Pakistan established the “Wakhi Tajik Cultural Association”, which aimed to preserve, document, and publish their “local culture”.

What kind of language do the Wakhi people speak?

They are native speakers of Wakhi, an Indo-European language of the Iranian branch . The Wakhi people refer to themselves as Khik and to their language as Khik zik.

Who are the Wakhi people of the Wakhan Corridor?

The Wakhi people Ethnic Wakhi women and children from Sarhad-e Broghil village. For more than 2,500 years, the Wahki people have inhabited the Wakhan Corridor. About 10,000 of them still live in the remote region. For many, Afghanistan conjures up images of the devastation of war, poverty and the oppression of women.

How are the Wakhi people related to the Tajiks?

The Wakhi speak the Wakhi language, which is a Indo-European language of the Iranian branch of the language family, distantly related to Persian Tajiks, and are Ismailis, a progressive branch of Shia Islam that eschews many conventional Muslim practices. They do not fast during Ramadan, for example, which is uncommon elsewhere in Afghanistan.