What is there to do in SBMA?

What is there to do in SBMA?

Top Attractions in Subic Bay Freeport Zone

  • Ocean Adventure. 621.
  • Inflatable Island. 110.
  • Pamulaklakin Forest Trail. Hiking Trails.
  • All Hands Beach. 133.
  • Magaul Bird Park. Zoos.
  • Jungle Environment Survival Training (JEST) Camp. Nature & Wildlife Areas.
  • White Rock Waterpark and Beach Resort. 101.
  • Adventure Beach Waterpark.

Why Subic Bay is famous?

Subic Bay is known in the dive community as having one of the largest collections of shipwreck sites in the country dating from the Spanish-American War to World War II.

Does Subic accept tourist?

SUBIC BAY FREEPORT, Philippines — Leisure travelers from Metro Manila and its four neighboring provinces, collectively called National Capital Region (NCR) Plus, have been allowed to visit attractions inside this free port in Zambales as restrictions for tourism had been eased, the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority ( …

Why we should visit Subic?

Subic, Zambales is definitely worth a visit as it offers a lot of beautiful destinations and fun activities to try. From beaches and inflatable islands to scuba diving and a close encounter with animals, Subic has everything you need.

What is there to do in Subic at night?

6 Activities You Can Do at Night To Spice Up Your Subic Trip

  • Dine out with family and friends.
  • Walk by the beach.
  • Experience lifestyle malling in Harbor Point.
  • Enjoy night swimming in Subic resorts.
  • Have a thrilling adventure at Zoobic Night Safari.
  • Bar hop in Waterfront Road or Magsaysay Avenue.

How do I get from Manila to Subic Bay?


  1. Whether you are coming from NAIA or any point in Metro Manila, travel to Victory Liner Bus Terminal. You can go to Pasay, Cubao or Caloocan terminal.
  2. Get on a Victory Liner bus bound for Olongapo. The fare is P230-290.
  3. From Olongapo, you can ride a jeepney or taxi to Subic/SBFZ.

Are senior citizens allowed in Subic?

SBMA Senior Deputy Administrator Ramon O. Agregado said that the IATF resolution allowed point-to-point travel from NCR-Plus to areas under modified GCQ without age restrictions, thereby opening Subic’s gates to visitors and tourists of all ages—from infants to seniors.

Are minors allowed in Subic?

While the new travel guidelines allow entry without age restrictions, Agregado pointed out that the IATF nevertheless required those under 18 years and over 65 years of age to present a negative RT-PCR (reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction) test result when entering Subic.

How can I go to Subic?

Is Subic and Clark the same?

Many of them thought that Subic and Clark are one and the same. So just so we’re clear, Subic and Clark are two different areas. Clark Freeport Zone (CFZ) is a former US air force base (Clark Air Base), while the Subic Bay Freeport Zone (SBFZ) is a former US naval base (Subic Bay Naval Base).

What are the best things to do in Subic?

1 Mt. Balingkilat 2 Mt Cinco Picos 3 Holy Land 4 Inang Laya Monument 5 Arizona Dive Shop. Great and very impressive history diving in Subic Bay! 6 Scuba Tech Philippines 7 Networx Jetsports. Cost 5000 pesos for two of us to do parasailing and jet skiing. 8 El Paradise Silanguin. What are the top attractions to visit in Subic?

What are the attractions in Subic Bay Freeport Zone?

1. Ocean Adventure 2. Inflatable Island 3. Pamulaklakin Forest Trail 4. All Hands Beach 5. Magaul Bird Park 6. Jungle Environment Survival Training (JEST) Camp 7. White Rock Waterpark and Beach Resort 8. Adventure Beach Waterpark 9. El Kabayo Waterfalls 10. Moonbay Marina Waterpark What are the top attractions to visit in Subic Bay Freeport Zone?

Which is the best place to swim in Subic Bay?

When tired of adventure, it is time to take a break and relax on the shores of Subic, which feature crystal clear water. All Hands Beach is a comfortable sanctuary and is best for swimming, as it has a gradually sloping shoreline.