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What is the Tumblr post with the most notes?

What is the Tumblr post with the most notes?

190,394,881 notes WORLD RECORD Challenge It! Vinh Le posted an entry on his Tumblr blog that has gathered 190,394,881 notes.

How do you see all notes in a Tumblr post?

To see what users have said when they reblogged a post, open the post page. If you’re on the dashboard, click the upper right corner of the post; the corner will fold over in the style of a ear-marked page. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the detailed notes on the post.

How do I find my most popular Tumblr post?

Pro tip: You can use a bookmarklet to quickly see a blog’s Tumblr Top page while browsing. Drag this link to your bookmarks bar –> Tumblr Top. Then, when you’re viewing a Tumblr, click the bookmarklet to be taken straight to its Tumblr Top page.

How can you tell how old a Tumblr post is?

Access the Tumblr site with the post you want to view. Check for a timestamp at the base of the post. If you don’t see a timestamp, click the “Notes” link to view the comments. The timestamp usually displays on the Notes page.

Do Tumblr posts have dates?

Unlike most blogging platforms, Tumblr posts don’t display the date of a post. Fortunately, Tumblr allows you to customize your Tumblr blogs in a number of ways; you can even add post dates if you wish by modifying the HTML code of your Tumblr theme.

How do I see my analytics on Tumblr?

Once you’ve copied your Tracking ID number, head over to your Tumblr’s Customize page (link below) or click Customize in your dashboard. Select the Appearance tab, and find the Google Analytics field.

How do you check if a Tumblr user is following you?

The first place to check to see who’s following you is your list of followers, which is available both on the desktop site and on the Tumblr mobile app. From your Tumblr dashboard, click “Followers” to see a list of who’s following you.

What is the average number of followers on Tumblr?

How many followers is considered ‘average’ on Tumblr? I think around 1500 is the average. Most blogs that have been active for at least two years have that amount of followers.