What is the story of White Album 2?

What is the story of White Album 2?

The protagonist of White Album 2. He is a third year student at Hōjō High School and a member of the light music club and has excellent grades. He dates and loves Setsuna, but eventually Kazusa Touma shows her true feelings for him, and Haruki reveals that he loves her too. Haruki plays second guitar.

Do Haruki and setsuna end up together?

Kazusa True Ending This is the chapter where Haruki Kitahara finally abolishes his indecisive behavior. He cancels his marriage proposal to Setsuna Ogiso and he marries Kazusa in the end.

What happened after White album2?

White Album 2 (the visual novel) is followed up by White Album 2: Closing Chapter in which there are two endings; one in which Haruki decides to be with Setsuna, and the other is to move on from Kazusa. If you chose the former, you will unlock White Album 2: Coda which is pretty much the final chapter of the series.

What happens after the end of white album 2?

What happened to setsuna at the end of White Album 2?

Haruki finally abandons Setsuna and both him and Kazusa decide to completely alienate from her. They go to Europe together and after some time they get married. Setsuna had always wanted to be the number one girl for Haruki and to hog him completely.

Is White Album 1 and 2 connected?

There is little direct relation between White Album 1 and 2. They are in the same series and have some similar themes, but the plots are unrelated and all the characters are new (as well as a different writer).

Is there an introductory chapter to White Album 2?

White Album 2 ~Introductory Chapter~ has not appeared in our Steam sample enough to calculate it’s similar novels… sorry! A novel needs atleast 20 owners before it’s similarity is calculated.

How is the gameplay in White Album 2?

The gameplay in White Album 2 requires minimal interaction from the player as the player spends the majority of their time on reading the text that is displayed at the bottom of the screen. Unlike other visual novels, there is only one ending in Introductory Chapter and there are no choices for the player to select.

Who is the author of White Album 2?

Our first objective is the total translation of all the White Album 2 special contents (side stories, audio files etc.), starting with Mini After-Story. All stories were written by Maruto Fumiaki, author of the original work. (Note: There are no Drama CD scripts, so we first transcribed those audio stories to Japanese written text.)

Is there a mini after story in White Album 2?

1. Mini After-Story: The after endings to the visual novel’s true endings. Due to its importance, this piece got a game of its own in 2014. The Japanese white album 2 pc release (2018) includes Mini After-Story as its first item, followed by the digital novels, audio files and extra episode (special contents section.)