What is the salary of the CEO of 3M?

What is the salary of the CEO of 3M?

Compensation by Company

CEO Name CEO Pay Median Employee Pay
Michael F. Roman CEO Pay $20,700,347 Median Employee Pay $67,109

How much does the CEO of Advocate Aurora make?

Jim Skogsbergh of Advocate Aurora Health was the highest-paid local CEO for the fifth year in a row, taking home $11.7 million in 2017—up 42% from the year prior.

How much does Pfizer’s CEO make?

For writing that 2020 success story, CEO Albert Bourla, Ph. D., collected a pay package worth more than $21 million. Bourla, who took the reins as Pfizer’s CEO in early 2019, scored $21.03 million in total 2020 pay, a proxy filing submitted Friday shows.

Does 3M pay weekly?

We ensure our pay is competitive and that 3M is committed to fair and equitable pay. They pay bi-weekly.

Who is the CEO of Advocate Health Care?

Jim Skogsbergh
Jim Skogsbergh, president and CEO of Advocate Aurora Health, says health systems can use scale to improve cost, safety and outcomes.

Who is the Chief Executive Officer of 3M?

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Mike Roman is the chairman of the board and chief executive officer of 3M, a $32 billion science-based company. He leads over 90,000 employees who collaborate to solve problems and improve lives in nearly all countries.

Where can I find CEO Pay Ratio for 3M?

Numbers reported do not include change in pension value and non-qualified deferred compensation earnings. For its 2019 fiscal year, 3M CO, listed the following CEO pay ratio data on its annual proxy statement to the SEC. This report is not for commercial use. Thorough reviews have been conducted to assure this data accurately reflects disclosures.

How much does Michael Roman make at 3M?

2019. 2018. 2017. Select Other Years. 2016. Trend Analysis. As Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer at 3M CO, Michael F. Roman made $12,679,304 in total compensation. Of this total $1,249,568 was received as a salary, $1,256,671 was received as a bonus, $4,999,946 was received in stock options,

What are the four business groups of 3M?

The company applies its technology platforms to create differentiated solutions for customers that it brings to market through four business groups: Safety & Industrial, Transportation & Electronics, Health Care, and Consumer.