What is the return value of VBA for MsgBox function?

What is the return value of VBA for MsgBox function?

The VBA MsgBox function displays a modal message box. The function returns a VbMsgBoxResult enumeration, which tells you which button has been selected by the user. The text string that you want to appear in the message box.

What does vbYesNo return?

Return Values

Constant Value Description
vbAbort 3 Value signifies that the Abort button was pressed
vbRetry 4 Value signifies that the Retry button was pressed
vbIgnore 5 Value signifies that the Ignore button was pressed
vbYes 6 Value signifies that the Yes button was pressed

How do you stop an execution in VBA?

In VBA, you can stop your macro execution manually with the Esc key or by pressing Ctrl+Break.

How we can use return value of MsgBox () function?

The MsgBox function can return one of the following values which can be used to identify the button the user has clicked in the message box.

  1. 1 – vbOK – OK was clicked.
  2. 2 – vbCancel – Cancel was clicked.
  3. 3 – vbAbort – Abort was clicked.
  4. 4 – vbRetry – Retry was clicked.
  5. 5 – vbIgnore – Ignore was clicked.

How do I add a message box to a macro in Excel?

Hover your cursor over Insert and select Module from the menu that appears.

  1. This will create a new blank module.
  2. This is where we begin typing our MsgBox function.
  3. Now we can run the macro by clicking the Run Sub button (green “play” button) or pressing F5.
  4. This will cause our message box to appear.

How do you exit a macro in VBA?

To break the running VBA program, do one of the following:

  1. On the Run menu, click Break.
  2. On the toolbar, click “Break Macro” icon.
  3. Press Ctrl + Break keys on the keyboard.
  4. Macro Setup > Stop (E5071C measurement screen)
  5. Press Macro Break key on the E5071C front panel.

How do you stop an infinite loop in VBA?

Alt + Esc. Hold down the keys until it breaks. From Windows 7 on, this will cycle through all open windows. Pay no mind, just keep squeezing it.

How do you force stop a running macro in Excel?

If the Macro is simply in a continuous loop or is running for too long you can use one of these keyboard shortcuts to kill it: Esc hit the Escape key. Ctrl + Break hit Ctrl key and then the break key, which is also the pause key.

What are the return values of the MsgBox function in VBA?

VBA MsgBox Return Values. The following are all the return values for the MsgBox function: vbOk vbCancel vbAbort vbRetry vbIgnore vbYes vbNo. Each of these values represents a button that was clicked. VBA MsgBox Yes No. We can use the message box to get a simple response from the user.

Can you use MsgBox function in PowerPoint VBA?

We can use MsgBox Function in Microsoft Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint VBA Programming. Excel VBA Message Box function displays a message, optional icon and selected set of command buttons in a dialog box. It waits for the user to click a button, and returns an Integer indicating the button which user clicked.

What are the modals of MsgBox in Visual Basic?

Application modal; the user must respond to the message box before continuing work in the current application. System modal; all applications are suspended until the user responds to the message box. Adds Help button to the message box. Specifies the message box window as the foreground window.

How to get a yes or no response from MsgBox?

The return value from the MsgBox function tells us which button was clicked. If we want to get a Yes/No response from the user we can do it with the following code: Note: When we return a value from the message box we must use parenthesis around the parameters or we will get the “Expected end of statement” error.