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What is the plot of American Pie?

What is the plot of American Pie?

A riotous and raunchy exploration of the most eagerly anticipated — and most humiliating — rite of adulthood, known as losing one’s virginity. In this hilarious lesson in life, love and libido, a group of friends, fed up with their well-deserved reputations as sexual no-hitters, decide to take action.
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What happens in the first American Pie?

Four teenage boys enter a pact to lose their virginity by prom night. Jim, Oz, Finch and Kevin are four friends who make a pact that before they graduate they will all lose their virginity. The hard job now is how to reach that goal by prom night.

Why did Oz not appear in American Wedding?

When Chris Klein didn’t appear as Oz in the third American Pie movie, American Wedding, many assumed that he didn’t want to continue in the franchise. However, in an interview with The Huffington Post Klein reveals that it’s not that he didn’t want to star in the American Wedding, he wasn’t asked.

What order is American Pie in?

American Pie (1999) American Pie 2 (2001) American Wedding (2003) American Pie Presents: Band Camp (2005)

What does third base feel like?

Jim : Guys, uh, what exactly does third base feel like? Kevin : You want to take this one? Chris “Oz” Ostreicher : Like warm apple pie. Chris “Oz” Ostreicher : Yeah.

What comes after American Reunion?

The film series began with American Pie, released on July 9, 1999. This was followed by three sequels: American Pie 2, released on August 10, 2001, American Wedding, released on August 1, 2003, and American Reunion, released on April 6, 2012.

Should you watch American Pie in order?

The above is a complete list of the American Pie movies in order. However, I should mention that they probably do not have to be watched in the correct order. While it’s true that the movies follow the same characters and some of the later movies reference earlier ones, it’s not necessary to watch them in order.