What is the pass mark for QTS skills tests?

What is the pass mark for QTS skills tests?

The pass mark for the QTS literacy skills test is 60%. This means you need to get at least 29 marks in total in order to pass.

Do you still have to do the QTS skills test?

Do I still need to pass my QTS Skills Test? Yes! In July 2019, an official announcement was made regarding the QTS tests stating that they were going to bee scrapped in 2019 but the government reversed this decision and have since extended the life of the tests to the 2020 recruitment cycle.

What happens if you fail the QTS skills test?

Currently, anyone who fails the compulsory numeracy and literary skills test three times in a row is banned from taking it again for 24 months. The rule was introduced in 2012 as a quality filter, but critics say it deepens the growing teacher recruitment crisis.

Can you use a calculator in the numeracy skills test?

There is a short non-calculator section, consisting of 8 questions, in which students are required to demonstrate arithmetical calculation skills. For the remainder of the test, calculators are permitted, even if they are not necessary to answer the question.

How do I get my QTS status?

There are a number of recognised routes to gain Qualified Teacher Status:

  1. University courses – often PGCE with QTS.
  2. School Direct training on the job.
  3. School-Centred Initial Teacher Training (SCITTs)
  4. Teach First – a two-year commitment.

How long are QTS skills tests valid for?

Professional skills test passes for applicants to ITT courses remain valid for 3 years.

Are QTS tests being scrapped?

After almost seven years of controversy, Nick Gibb, The Minister of State for School Standards, announced that QTS (Qualified Teacher Status) Professional Skills Tests will be scrapped for the academic year starting in 2020.

Do universities look at numeracy assessment?

The literacy and numeracy assessments will not be used in the admission evaluation, but all students must be proficient in literacy and numeracy to be considered for admission.

How long does QTS status last?

Recently qualified teachers can undertake short term supply for a period of 5 years after being awarded QTS (i.e. their graduation). Periods of a full term or more can be counted towards the induction period so most people will complete the equivalent of a full year’s induction during this 5 year period.

How to pass the QTS numeracy skills test?

In this success guide for the QTS numeracy skills test we’ll tell you what to expect and how to succeed, step-by-step. Let’s get started! The ‘secret’ to passing the numeracy skills test is simply lots and lots of practice. There are no short cuts. (Sadly!) You can get hold of practice QTS numeracy tests here.

What are the questions on the QTS maths test?

Welcome to the QTS Maths Tutor free numeracy skills test where you will see 12 mental arithmetic practice questions followed by 16 written questions in a similar format to the actual professional numeracy skills test.

Why do you need to practise for the QTS?

This is the fundamental point in your preparation. Practising allows you to discover your strengths and weaknesses and that shows you the areas you need to concentrate on. It will also ensure you get faster, which is a key part of the numeracy skills test. You can get hold of excellent QTS practice tests here.

Where to find numeracy professional skills practice test 1?

Numeracy Professional Skills Practice Test 1 This is a practice test adapted from Department for Education practice tests which can be found on It has been designed to allow trainee teacher applicants to prepare for the Numeracy Professional Skills test which needs to be passed prior to the start of the course.