What is the omega 6 directive?

What is the omega 6 directive?

The Omega Directive (denoted by Ω) was a highly classified Starfleet general order requiring the captain of a starship to notify Starfleet Command immediately upon detection of an Omega molecule.

Does the Omega Directive supersede the prime directive?

With regards to part 3, the molecule itself is called Omega, presumably because it ends everything in its path. The directive isn’t called omega because it supersedes the prime directive, it’s named after the molecule. As for 2, I believe it adds depth to the Starfleet and the Federation.

What is the Janeway protocol?

The Janeway protocol means you should go with the flow, but aggressively… At the beginning of the simulation, Ransom mentions Rutherford should “guide her home,” meaning his job is to get the ship home.

What is the Omega phenomenon?

An Omega molecule is a highly unstable molecule and the most powerful substance known to exist. The explosion of one molecule could destroy all subspace within several light years.

Did the Omega molecule cause the burn?

A certain Omega Particle accident might, theoretically, trigger a simultaneous dilithium explosion throughout the universe – and in some places, even causing a “burn” in the sky.

What is subspace on Star Trek?

In the Star Trek fictional universe, subspace is a feature of space-time that facilitates faster-than-light transit, in the form of interstellar travel or the transmission of information. Faster-than-light warp drive travel via subspace works similarly to the Alcubierre Drive, but obeys different laws of physics.

Is Star Trek lower decks canon?

Star Trek: Lower Decks may be overtly comedic, but it’s still a part of Star Trek canon, despite what some detractors say. No, it isn’t, despite what the production staff says. It’s a fine show but it simply isn’t canon.

How big is the USS Cerritos?

794 meters long
And in one size comparison chart, the USS Cerritos is listed at 794 meters long while the USS Enterprise-E (from First Contact) is listed at 685 meters long. This is not a misprint. The Cerritos also appears larger (at least in length) than the Enterprise-E in this size comparison chart.

Did the Omega particle cause the burn?

How many Borg ships did the Omega molecule destroy when it exploded?

They regarded Omega with near-reverence, believing it to be a perfect and flawless substance that if assimilated would grant them perfection as well. They were able to synthesize a single molecule, which destroyed 29 Borg vessels with 600,000 drones when it destabilized.

Who caused the burn in Star Trek?

There, the Starfleet Officers realized the cause of the Burn was Su’Kal (Bill Irwin), an emotionally damaged Kelpien who was born in the Nebula and has lived alone aboard the Khi’eth for the last 125 years.

Did Voyager cause the burn?

This is exactly the kind of thing that could isolate planets and peoples, like the one talking to Saru in the new Discovery trailer. As for who caused “The Burn,” the most obvious suspect is The Borg. The Voyager episode revealed that The Borg were obsessed with the perfection they saw in Omega.