What is the number 1 high school in Wisconsin?

What is the number 1 high school in Wisconsin?


School Ranking (2019 vs 2018)
Rank School Average Standard Score (2019)
1 Lakeview Technology Academy 99.8
2 Whitefish Bay High 99.1
3 Cedarburg High 98.4

What are the high schools in Milwaukee?

Carmen High School of Science and Technology. Milwaukee, WI.

  • Reagan College Preparatory High. Milwaukee, WI.
  • King International. Milwaukee, WI.
  • Meir School. Milwaukee, WI.
  • Hmong American Peace Academy (HAPA) Milwaukee, WI.
  • Milwaukee School of Languages. Milwaukee, WI.
  • Carmen Mid/Hi Northwest Campus. Milwaukee, WI.
  • Riverside High.
  • What are the top schools in Milwaukee?

    Here is a rundown of local schools that made the top 25.

    • High School of Health Sciences.
    • Whitefish Bay High School.
    • Eisenhower Middle/High School.
    • Cedarburg High School.
    • Carmen High School of Science and Technology.
    • Brookfield East High School.
    • Reagan College Preparatory High.
    • Shorewood High School.

    How many schools are in Milwaukee?

    Milwaukee Public Schools
    Schools 165
    Budget $1.1 billion (2016–2017)
    Students and staff
    Students 75,431 (2018–19)

    How many private high schools are in Wisconsin?

    158 private schools
    There are 831 high schools in Wisconsin, made up of 673 public schools and 158 private schools.

    What are the best high schools in Milwaukee?

    Cedarburg High School was named the top high school in Wisconsin by U.S. News. Milwaukee area suburban high schools are well represented in U.S. News and World Report’s 2019 rankings of the best schools, occupying 12 of the top 20 spots in Wisconsin, with Cedarburg claiming the No. 1 ranking.

    What are the best schools in Wisconsin?

    Top Ranked Wisconsin Schools #1. Cedarburg High W68n611 Evergreen Blvd, Cedarburg, Wisconsin 53012 #2. Carmen High School of Science and Technology 1712 S 32nd St, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53215 #3. Kohler High 333 Upper Rd, Kohler, Wisconsin 53044 #4. Whitefish Bay High 1200 E Fairmount Ave, Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin 53217 #5.

    What is the largest school district in Wi?

    Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS) is the largest school district in Wisconsin.